Upon awakening I got bit by the cold bug. Runny nose, congested, pressure in the head, and the beginnings of a itchy throat! Anyone else?  If so, I'll share some of my secrets to healing a cold in a few days.

It truly came out of nowhere, as no one around me was sick, but I think it's because of our weather here in Toronto! It's been very inconsistent, jumping from -15 to +9 in the matter of a few days.

I don't often get sick, but when I do, I know exactly what to do and pull out all the big guns.

Insert this juice in the AM, and lots of other natural healing mechanisms (drinking copious amounts of water, herbal tea, eating oranges, raw peppers, shots of Apple Cider Vinegar, eating cucumbers, and a hot epsom bath to name a few), and I feel so, so, so much better than this morning. (ps- and if you don't follow me on instagram, I shared my health tip with ACV and unclogging your nose. I started delving into video land, so pop by, and say hi! It's still very new to me, it feels unnatural (aka I feel like a dork), but I'm pushing through it all).

Luckily I was working from home today (E-Book editing, writing and planning for my shoot on Monday - I can't wait to share more), and had no clients, so I was able to have a easier day, although I still worked away, I just took more breaks than I normally would. I'm just someone who can't fully rest (I knowwww, not the best), even if I'm not feeling well. I will take it 'easier', but I won't stop all work, especially during the day! I'm wired that way, thanks to my dad. Work, work, work :)

Tonight is another story. I've already bought the ingredients for a super nourishing and healing soup (lots of garlic, vegetables, broth, ginger, tomatoes, herbs and vitamin C rich sweet potatoes, and butternut squash), and will go to bed very early, as in around 830pm early. So I'm balancing it all out.

This juice though, it was unreal, and helped me in a major way.


Jam packed with healing vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals and raw enzymes. I wanted to make a juice as my body was already compromised and fighting pathogens, so I wanted to lessen my bodies' work, as it was already working so hard to fight the evil invaders! Juice allows your body to get maximum nutrients, with the least amount of work, as the work is already done by the juicer, and your body doesn't have to break anything down. It goes straight into your bloodstream, and therefore straight into action. 

I made a few changes from my normal green juice to amp up the immunity boosting vitamins, which is why I took out the kale + green apple, which I normally have, and swapped in yellow pepper, grapefruit, cara cara orange, zucchini and half a lime. Out of all five of these can you guess which has the most Vitamin C + healing properties?

THE PEPPER! Peppers (not green) have more vitamin C than any citrus fruit, broccoli or strawberries, which are very rich in this magical vitamin as is. Which is why I wanted to juice a whole pepper into my juice. Remember that peppers are sweet, so it truly wont alter the taste of the juice that much. It definitely adds a different flavor profile, but it's so smooth and sweet, you will drink the whole thing before even realizing you consumed a whole pepper.

Normally this would serve two people, but I was having this for breakfast, and wanted to flood my body with as many good things as I could, so I drank it all! If you are starting to feel sick, everyone around you is sick, or you are sick, you need to make this!!!

If you catch a virus early on, and take the whole day to jam pack your body with alkaline, healing fruits and vegetables, you can cut it's shelf life in half, if not more. I'm actually going to write another post, and delve deeper into what to do when you can't escape the dreaded bugs, especially this time of year, as deep winter really sets in.


Without further a do, here is my Healing Rainbow Bright juice! Just look at those colors, I feel better just looking at them :)





~1/2 LEMON

~ 1/2 LIME





Run through a juicer OR alternatively blend it, and strain it through a cheese cloth or nut milk bag! You don't need a juicer to make a juice, although it's easier, if you have a high speed blender, you can still make beautiful juices. (*BUT if you are juicing on a regular basis, I highly recommend you invest in a juicer. You can get some really good ones for under $200).

Well friends, I hope you're all healthy, escaping any viruses that are floating around, and are going into the weekend with joy! Wishing you a beautiful day.