I'm sure you've seen 'bowls' all over pinterest, instagram and the like. Why? Because they are so darn delicious, easy to make and run off of food prep and leftovers seamlessly. They are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the options are literally endless. I've never met a bowl I didn't like, and I will eat them until the end of time. 

What I love about them is their ease, and desire to please the entire palate spectrum. You can satisfy your 'sweet tooth', salty cravings, crunch, texture, and dressing addiction (I love dressings, healthy ones of course). Honestly the options are endless and you will never get bored. Although I do tend to border on creature of habit tendencies, bowls give me the freedom to break free while till being insanely healthy. Because there is no denying, feeling guilty or shying away from my health nut nature. It's truly who I am , from the inside out. 

Back to the bowls, this is the first of many creations I will be showcasing. I want to spark your desire to bowl, switch on your creativity switch, and nourish you from the inside out! At the end of the day you can't go wrong, but sometimes it's scary to embark on the unknown. 

Not to fear, I will be your bowl advisor, and will guide you along the way. β™₯

When it comes to bowls, for me anyways, the more greens the better. Just like my 5 Day Reset in my eBook, which is heavy on the greens, as they will forever and always be the most healing foods on the planet. In all honesty you can't get enough or OD on them. Your body as such an innate and programmed ability to digest, process and assimilate the nutrients from greens, and you will know when to stop. You won't be stuffed, but will be nutrient satisfied. How beautiful is that. They truly just want us to be happy, healthy, and of course glowy. There is no faster way to get your glow on than through mother natures plants. 

I always start with a base of greens, often times two. A massaged kale salad and a crispy green like romaine. I then go to town on the green veggies, raw, cooked, roasted, toppings, dressings, sprouts and sometimes a GF grain like Quinoa or a homemade hummus. I also love to add sweet potatoes, and a lean animal protein. Often times organic and wild salmon or chicken. Ah, just writing this is making my tummy grumble and so,so,so happy.  <---See Health Nut. 

All of this to say, to start you off on the bowling, this guy above with definitely get you going + glowing. 


  • Start with a base of a crispy green - I like Romaine best
  • Make + massage a kale salad. I use half a bunch of kale and massage it with tahini, salt, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar (ACV) Once massaged lay it on the other side 
  • Cook your quinoa as desired. I always do one cup to two cups of water. Brin to bowl and then simmer approx. ten - fifteen minutes. Place it in the middle
  • While you're doing all of the above roast your radishes. If you've never had roasted radishes before get ready to have your mind blown. Place your bunch of radishes (cut off the greens) in a small bowl. Rub with coconut oil, pink salt, pepper, and give them a good douse with ACV! Roast at 350 F until soft! Approx. 25-30 minutes. Take them out of the oven, and let them cool
  • Bowl a bunch of asparagus - serve plain or season (I like them plain or with a touch of pink salt)
  • Cut up your cucumbers
  • Slice half of an avocado 
  • And begin to assemble. There really isn't a rhyme or reason to it. Go with the flow, or follow the layout above. 
  • I assembled and then topped it with raw sunflower seeds, organic broccoli sprouts, and fresh tahini, with a sprinkle of pink salt + a small dash of ACV in the middle.
  • VOILA! A bowl that will blow your mind. 


If you're looking to make a few of these for lunch, double up on the ingredients that you are cooking and chopping! Make two or three and store in the fridge in glass containers. You will have lunch for half the week, for the other half switch up the ingredients and experiment. 

If you're unsure of what combinations to try next, stay tuned as I have more coming your way!

Are you into bowls, have you started to incorporate them into your daily life? They are one of the best ways to get a variety of vegetables, produce, and nutrients. 

Green Bowls 4 Life. 

Have such a beautiful weekend friends. 

Love & light, 

Lisa xx