They're one of my favorite vegetables ever, but I feel like it gets a bad rap. Not for any particular reason, but mostly because it gets overlooked at the market. People are either confused as to what to do with them, how to add them into their regime, or have no idea what they're good for. I hope to shine some light onto their beautifying benefits, because they do just that. All vegetables give you 'that veggie glow', but radishes are extra special. 

To be honest I used to be like most folks, I had no idea what to do with them, I find them quite odd in taste, and I had no idea how good they were for me. I only started incorporating them into my weekly rotation a few years back. Man, was I ever missing out! But I'm just happy to have found a dear friend in my RADish family.

These friendly radish's will be one of your skins best friends.

Red radishes are super amazing for your skin mainly due to their high sulfur, silicon and vitamin C content, which work together to form newconnective skin tissue, and make your skin glow...pretty fast.

They are also very high in content of vitamin A, zinc, phosphorus, and water, which also work synergistically to create a more moisturized and younger looking skin.

Radishes are also great detoxifiers:

They support cleanse the liver and gallbladder thanks to sulfur-based phytochemicals that are able to increase bile flow, which help improve digestion and release enzymes that defend us from viruses and toxins.


More on radish magic:

Aids digestion and helps with constipationAids in treating conditions such as jaundice as it can remove excess bilirubin from the liver.Helpful in treating rashes, eczema, and acne.It’s antioxidants help protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Those are red radishes, now lets take a peek into the beauty that is the Watermelon Radish. 

The Watermelon Radish:

So unassuming from the outside, resembling a parsnip – but slice it open to find a brilliant fuchsia core that resembles that of, well, a watermelon. Also sometimes referred to as a Beauty Heart or Rose Heart the Watermelon Radish is an heirloom variety of the Chinese daikon. Those long and white vegetables that can be just as unassuming as the WR! Compared to other radishes, expect these brilliant babies to be a bit milder and sweeter than regular, and much larger, averaging about three inches in diameter. Generally, their flesh is hotter toward the outside and sweeter toward the center. This is great for individuals who find the above, too spicy. Don't be fooled by their unassuming outward appearance, these beauties, truly glow from the inside out :)

Crunchy and sweet, with just a hint of spice and a flavor, this radish is reminiscent of jicama. But most of all – it’s simply gorgeous! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s honestly the prettiest vegetable I’ve ever seen.

WR Beautifying Benefits:

Radishes have been revered as a powerful food throughout history. It’s said the Greek physician Androcydes ordered his patients to eat radish to avoid getting intoxicated, which makes sense given they stimulate the function of our livers and digestion. Along with Beets, these are another great ‘liver loving’ foods. Radishes and their leaves are an excellent source of vitamin C (skin brightening + collagen building), while their leaves are also a good source of calcium.

Studies have found radishes can aid the body in the lowering of cholesterol, blood pressure and chances of getting certain cancers. Who knew? Such an unassuming veggie, with so much power.

This just reiterates the message of never, ever judging a book by its cover. Beauty will always lie within. Seen here with our friend, the Watermelon Radish.

Let's dig into this super simple, yet highly nutritious salad recipe, that will get you loving radish's like no other. I promise!


RADish Kale Salad

What You Need:

-Big head of kale (I always buy organic kale)

-Bunch of red radishes

-1 Watermelon radish 

-Handful sun dried tomatoes

-Broccoli sprouts or any sprouts you have on hand 

-Nutritional Yeast



-ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar 

-Pink salt 

To Make:

-De-stem kale, rinse and place into a big bowl 

-Put in 2-3 TBSP's of Nutritional Yeast 

-2 TBSP's of Tahini

-2 TBP's of ACV

-Squeeze of half a lemon

-Sprinkle of pink salt 

-Massage the heck out of kale! This is my favorite part. I love getting hands on with my food. I'm a big believer in sending love and energy into my food. Corny, I know. But it works for me :) 

-Cut up both types of radishes (If you want to make this a warm salad, you can roast the radishes before, but I like them raw).

-Soak sun dried tomatoes if they are dry (mine where)

-Plate kale

-Sprinkle with toppings

-Add a generous portion of sprouts 


***This makes an excellent side salad to any dinner party or BBQ you have coming up. If you're having it for lunch or dinner, I would add an avocado or a piece of lean portion. This is delicious with wild caught salmon. ***

I truly hope you love, and enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Let me know if you have any questions below!

Let's. get. glowing. 

Lisa xx