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I wanted to start highlighting and sharing the power of whole foods on a much deeper level. I feel like we live in a world where there is always the next superfood powder, oil and supplement, being blasted in the media as the 'next best thing" to optimal health, and endless bounds of energy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not discrediting any of them, as they definitely have a place in our lives. Some are super beneficial and effective for therapeutic reasons or for an extra boost when in need, but most often than not, they are not truly necessary to live your healthiest life.

Let's be real, they're also be super expensive (I know first hand as I've spent hundreds IF NOT thousands in the past purchasing them), and they might not even work for your body! We are all so unique, and sometimes what works for a lot of people, might not work for you. Which is why I want to show you the power of food, and get back to basics. 

Nature is truly miraculous and ultimately provides everything we need to thrive, not just survive. And we don't have to spend hundreds of dollars being healthy!!! We just don't. I want to help show you this. We don't need a million ingredients for recipes, as eating and being healthy is not meant to be confusing, overwhelming and time consuming. It's meant to add joy to your life, not stress! So when we get back to basics, incorporate whole foods into our daily lives, we end up being happier, healthier, and realizing that a healthy lifestyle is sustainable, and actually a lot of fun! I PROMISE. 

Today I want to highlight one of my favorite foods on the planet, and truly a gift to us all. The mighty avocado. This superfood is truly unlike anything on our planet, and eating it is like eating over a dozen different foods, all rolled into one, this is how nutrient dense and miraculous it is! Apart from blueberries, avocados are considered world's most perfect food.

I won't be able to list all of it's incredible and healing benefits today, as I read a article the other day, that still to this day, there are miraculous benefits of the avocado that still have not been discovered... it's a force to be reckoned with, and if you aren't eating avocados on the daily, I encourage you to start. You will notice benefits both internal and external, that will keep you coming back for more.

Here are but a few of its healing benefits broken down by Body + Skin //


-Contains both soluble ( able to be dissolved / broken down) and insoluble (cannot be broken down) fibers which slow down the breakdown of carbs, which keep you full for a very long time!

-Continued from above, due the high about of fiber, it actually helps with constipation, and helps heal a multitude of stomach distress

-Avocado is a natural antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it has the potential to fight cervical, colon, pancreatic and stomach cancer

-Avocado alleviates joint inflammation and reduces the symptoms of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis

-Avocado is rich in protein, folate, omega 3 fatty acids and several vitamins that help fight depression. Folate prevents the excess production of homocysteine (amino acid which is a building block of protein) as an increase in these levels interferes with the secretion of “feel good” hormones. Avo's literally make you happy!

-Plenty of fiber and antioxidants present in avocado makes it a natural detoxifier. This fibrous fruit is packed with “good” fats that stimulate the absorption of vitamin A.

-Avocado is high in monounsaturated fats (good fats! the same fats in olive oil), which are good for diabetics, as it reduces high triglyceride levels, controls blood glucose levels and insulin functions.

-Along with essential fatty acids, avocados are full of vitamin C, A and E that improves immunity. It also contains glutathione (a miracle antioxidant, that has been proven to reduce wrinkles!) that regulates the proper functioning of immune system.

-Avocados contain tyramine, a compound that helps alert the neurotransmitter levels in the brain that it's time to sleep. Consume it after 5 pm, as a few slices will be enough to regulate the sleep-wake cycle!

+ so, so, so much more!


– Deeply and highly hydrating (Fatty Acids)

-Natural healing properties of avocado oil eliminate the sunburn and heal tanned skin. Besides, it protects skin from being damaged by the harsh sunlight.

– Helps lessen irritation (eczema, acne, rashes...)

-Supplies healthy fats to the skin and makes it radiant, supple and glowing. Apply mashed avocados mask on your face and neck; and leave it for 5-10 minutes for healthy skin.

-Hair loss is usually the result of the deficiency of vitamins. Avocado is rich in vitamin E and B, and that’s what makes it a perfect home remedy to prevent hair loss. This fruit repairs the irritated scalp and strengthens hair strands.

– Heals extremely dry skin (Biotin)

– Fights off free radicals that cause oxidative stress in healthy skin cells. Slows down premature aging. Fades acne scars and dark spots. (Vitamin E)

– Builds up collagen which is essential in maintaining skin strength and elasticity. (Vitamin C)

– Prevent free radical damage to healthy skin cells. Promote youthful glowing skin. (B Vitamins)

ALL OF THIS FROM ONE FOOD!!! I'm continually blown away when I think about this. Avocado is the almighty healing fruit, and can be taken in place of medication, can be used for therapeutic purposes, and can radically change your skin and hair from the inside out.

I eat about one avocado a day, and love to eat it raw in salads, as a snack, or in the form of guacamole. I also use avocado oil for roasting veggies, in my baths, and on my skin. I can't get enough of this green beauty! I hope that this post will inspire you to eat even more of it, and never, ever be afraid of its higher fat content. It's the fat that is most healing, and I promise, promise, promise you, you won't gain weight from eating these natural beauties.

Have a beautiful start to your week!


Lisa X