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With all of the cleansing the month of January brings, spotlighting one of my favorite toxin flushers seemed only natural. Cilantro, a naturally cleansing herb, seems to bring a love it or hate it response. But as with most healthy habits, the more you incorporate them, the easier and more enjoyable they become, until one morning you find yourself sprinkling cilantro on your oatmeal. Not really though - that seems gross.

I'm also thinking a pineapple cilantro smoothie could be pretty refreshing. Perhaps most noted for effectively removing harsh metals from your system, cilantro is a powerful and naturally detoxing herb.

The chemical compounds of this leafy green bind onto heavy metals and other toxins, and then loosen them away from your bodies tissue, blood, and organs, until they are safely excreted. There's even research showing that people who have experienced high levels of mercury exposure have found relief from their disorientation through including large and regular amounts of cilantro into their diet. Not only that, but the oils found in the cilantro plant seem to work wonders on the digestive tract, triggering the production of digestive enzymes, and stimulating the whole process.

So if there's only room for one plant on your window sill, here's some more reasons to make it cilantro...

~ High in antioxidants

~ Anti-inflammatory

~ Helps to increase good cholesterol, while decreasing the bad

~ Provides relief for stomach gas and bloating

~ May help to prevent cardiovascular damage

~ Has anti-anxiety effects

~ May help improve sleep quality

~ Helps to lower blood sugar levels

~ Wards off urinary tract infections

~ Reduces feelings of nausea

~ Natural immunity booster

~ Promotes healthy liver function

~ Stimulates the endocrine glands

~ Eases hormonal symptoms associated with menstruation

~ Anti-bacterial properties protect against salmonella

~ Rich in magnesium and iron

And if you're looking for some creative ways to incorporate this powerful leaf beyond your standard guacamole recipe. Think about a cilantro pesto and how perfect it would be poured over a bed of zucchini noodles, layered into your favorite sandwich, or slathered on sweet potato fries. Try freezing some of the chopped herb in a little bit of coconut oil (ice cube trays work perfectly), to throw into your morning smoothie, and pretty soon you'll be tossing it on just about everything you eat. Popcorn dusted with nutritional yeast and cilantro? Yes please!

I'm working on introducing more Cilantro in my life, as I used to be someone that despised it, but knew that I needed it even more because of that fact (heavy metal toxicity due to my mercury fillings. I've since had them taken out). So I learned to like it!!!

I started small and used it as a garnish at first, but now I'm ready to up my dosage of it and incorporate it in major ways. I'll share recipes when I do.

Do you have a love / hate relationship with this superpower / food / miracle herb?


Lisa X