Who doesn't love a good orange? I feel like they never ever disappoint. I've had hundreds of oranges in my life time, and I can only recall maybe a few of them being less than stellar (you know what I'm talking about, dry and flavorless), but that is a rarity.

My greatest memory of oranges stems from my childhood when my older brother played for the undefeated Red Devils soccer team when he was like 7! I use to revel in the preparation of the oranges when it was our turn, and after all the games, I remember always sneaking some oranges because nothing was better on a hot summer day, and I wanted to be one of the dudes. I was a shy little girl, but always wanted to be like my older bro (I would sneak his basketball jerseys and when he grew out of his nike high tops I wore them), and still do. He's such a inspiration and motivation, and truly lives his dream through his businesses!

I digress, the miraculous nature of a orange. How can you not look at this beauty, and not feel your insides scream for all its goodness. The above beauty is a cara cara orange, and if you've never had one, do yourself a favor and source one out. It's one of my favorite fruits ever, it tastes like natures candy, and will brighten up your day like nothing before. Also I know this can be an elephant in the room, but it just goes to show you how perfect nature is, how feminine are oranges and grapefruits? They are sensual, and should be enjoyed as such. We're sensual and sexual beings, and to be healthy (especially hormones) we shouldn't be ashamed or guilty to feel or express this. I know this was a major part of my healing with Lyme Disease, as my hormones were so messed, aka non existent, that I had no libido or sexual desire for over five years. True story! But I hope this doesn't sound lame, I feel sexy while eating a grapefruit or orange. (see below for more concrete proof!)

Okay back to regular programming...

We all know oranges, and citrus fruits for that matter, as being super high in Vitamin C and great for immunity. And although this is true, so much more lies beneath its skin. A note on Vitamin C, although citrus is a great source, red peppers, broccoli + strawberries all have a higher dose of Vit. C than oranges, so when you're feeling low in your immunity, incorporate some of the above, along with citrus. Your body won't know what hit it, and you will heal like no other.

So we know they are high in Vitamin C, lets dig deeper into why they are a perfect food + superfood //

  • Rich in vitamin A (skin + eye health), B-complex vitamins (energy), folate (DNA repair), beta carotene (immunity + cell function), lutein (eye health), and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium.


  • They are excellent for your digestion as they are very high in fiber. So when you eat a orange, picture tiny little brooms sweeping up toxins in your digestive tract and carrying them out - they are extremely beneficial if you suffer from constipation or bloating.


  • Extremely alkaline - they help to raise your PH levels which reduces inflammation, and diminishes your risk of disease and illness.


  • Oranges act as an internal antiseptic to the body and have the ability to purify and strengthen all the organs in the body.
  • Leave the white peels and inner pulp on your oranges! These contain super beneficial phytonutrients that has been shown to lower cholesterol, even more so than statin drugs.


  • Due to their high fiber concentration they are amazing for balancing blood sugars. People are often fearing fruit, but the fiber in the fruit actually lowers its glycemic load, and are actually a stellar choice for diabetics and individuals wanting to lose weight.


  • A compound called D-linonene, usually found in Oranges and other citrus fruits, fights against various cancers like colon cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer etc. Vitamin C protects cells from damage by free radicals.


  • Calcium rich Oranges help you maintain healthy bones and teeth.


  • Oranges have been known to help stimulate and even improve blood circulation and its flow through the lymphatic system. This property of orange peel makes it useful for fighting conditions like nervousness, stress, and insomnia.


  • Orange carries mild aphrodisiac properties, and its regular and systematic use can help to cure several sexual problems such as erectile problems, frigidity, disinterest in sex, impotence and decreased libido.


  • It also helps in restoring collagen (due to the Vit. C) in your body which is responsible for skin firming and prevents premature aging of skin.


  • Oranges contain powerful antioxidants which fight off oxygen free radicals These free radicals often cause wrinkles and sagging of cheeks.


  • Oranges are an ideal “fast food”, easy to transport, delicious to eat, and provide a steady form of energy throughout the day.


Again, these are just a few of its miraculous benefits. I feel like it's easy to forget all the wondrous properties of our old standbys, because we've grown accustomed to them, and take them for granted (myself included!) as they are always there, and always have been. Which is why I wanted to start highlighting are favorite fruits and vegetables. They often contain more potent healing properties than all the super foods out there.

Sometimes we just have to look at whats right in front of us, instead of always looking for the next best thing! It's human nature to do this, so it's hard to bring ourselves back and ground in these beliefs and knowledge.

I hope this inspires you to grab a couple of oranges on your next trip to the market or shop!

Have a beautiful start to your week,

Lisa X