PicMonkey Collage “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

For the past year or so, this thought / dream / vision has been swirling around in my head. Yet as hard as I tried to carry it out, start, write I was always met with roadblocks - 100% of them being my own fears. No on would read/purchase it , would my story even matter? , I don't have time, It's a lot of work, I'm a bad writer, I'm not well enough, I don't 'think' it's the right time . . . etc. CRAZY TALK! ALL complete lies, and excuses to simply not share my knowledge, experience and healing journey with the rest of the world. I live my life, day in, day out truly believing that if you help one soul out every single day, your life is richer for it. These aren't groundbreaking situations or conversations - smiling at strangers, given someone a compliment, asking for someones opinion re: something they are an expert on, paying for someones coffee. I know you catch my drift, every little bit counts. So WHY wouldn't this project touch at least one person a day? If not more. . . I know in our world today almost everyone is struggling with something related to their body and health. Everything from fatigue, to headaches, weight gain/loss, losing their 'glow', allergies, addictions, and the list could go on. How is it that we live on a planet that is so abundant with whole foods, that people are reaching for things that are made in a plant, and NOT the plants themselves?

Stay with me now...when I start to speak about nutrition and health I can get overly passionate. Which isn't a bad thing, I just want to reveal my exciting news!!!

Everything that I've encountered with my health (Body, Mind and Soul. REMEMBER Everything is connected) these past 8 years ( you can read all about it HERE ) was to bring me to this moment, this new endeavour and journey. What good is it to have gone through a personal physical, mental and emotional roller coaster to keep it all to myself? To not share how I've healed, what foods I consider to be an absolute non-negotiable for me, and a 3 Day G L O W detox to get you started on living your best, healthiest, happiest and most optimal LIFE EVER! Because that is my life's personal mission. I want everyone that I encounter to be healthy, well and l i v i n g their best life. To say I'm fiercely passionate about health, wellness and being your 'glowiest' self is a complete understatement. It's what I live for. EVERYONE on this planet deserves to be healthy, for without it what do we truly have? Health is wealth and it is something I will never, ever, EVER put a price on. EVER. To have experienced great, great lows with my health from every single part of my body, including my mind, I have learned a WHOLE, WHOLE lot. And before I actually go on and write a book here, I want to announce that I'm in the process of writing my first E-BOOK (!) and from there who knows what it could turn into . . . I have a feeling I will want to continue to write.

I don't know when it will be released, but definitely before the end of the year.

What will it include? I'm not to sure yet, as things are fluid and I don't want to promise you something and not deliver. All I know is that it will be 100000% from my heart to yours. It will heal, nourish, uplift, inspire you to live a healthier and happier life starting from within. For without inner beauty, we will never shine on the outside. Our 'glow' starts from within, but you better believe that once you are done reading my book, and completing my 3 day detox / cleanse / re-set you WILL HAVE A OUTER GLOW. That is one thing I can PROMISE.

With that being said, I would L O V E to hear from you guys. What do you want to hear, see, experience? I want to write this for Y O U. I know we are all struggling with something, and I want to be here to help.

I can't believe I'm finally embarking on this journey. It actually brings me to tears. To be able to share what I've learnt over lots of tears, pain, struggle and years of the unknown.

I now KNOW, why I went through all. of this.

We all deserve to live a life of vibrancy, love, passion and HEALTH.

LIFEBYLEESE Get Your Glow On is on its way . . . and I couldn't be happier. It will be your lil nugget of healing + glowing love & light.

Have an amazing weekend Beautiful Souls.

love & light