80'S + 90'S NOSTALGIA.

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L O V E the 90's vibe of this ed.

I am honestly so happy I was a 80's / 90's love baby as I'm obsessed with this era.

80's music, TV shows (Saved By the Bell, Full House, Friends, Seinfeld, Family Matters...), Movies (I can't TELL you how many times I've watched Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Money Can't Buy Me Love, etc...ENDLESS. I wore out the VHS on most of these movies. No Joke), Fashion (denim on denim, cut offs, scrunchies, band t-shirts). I love it all, and I'm sure I am not alone! Anyone? Anyone?

Candice Swanepoel is smokin in this editorial for Vogue Spain and it is getting me sooooo excited to dust off my cut-offs (hello Ballet Beautiful + Pilates : ) ).

But as I get anxious and excited for the summer goodness to arrive, we are hit with a winter storm warning which means a good 20 cm of snow. *sigh* More time for Ballet Beautiful I guess!

Happy Thursday Loves.