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As you read this I'm walking the streets of New York City with my girl! Just being. Exploring. taste tasting heaps of organic juice joints, sipping Americano's in cafes around the city, sweating at Ballet Beautiful + model F I T, riding bikes in central park, eating & brunching, maybe a little dancing, walking endlessly and soaking it all up!

It's also inspiring me to dress more 'spring' + 'summery' this season. Last year I don't believe I did so . . . I wore lots of jeans + baggy t-shirts, and covered myself up. Looking back now, this 100% stemmed from insecurities related to when I was quite ill for multiple summers in a row. I literally lived in boyfriend jeans and lose t-shirts. I wanted to cover myself up as I felt like a shell, and used everything I had to h e a l my body.

In any case, all of this to say is that I am S O excited for this summer!!! I'm picturing lots of summer dresses, cut-offs with blouses, crop tops with skirts, leather minis with T's, still keeping things simple, minimal, classic, but with a fun + feminine edge ;)

Summer outdoor concerts, Saturday morning coffee dates with my love + the farmers market, endless summer night walks, road tripping, dance parties, dinner parties, walks in the park, museum nights, movie dates +++ so much more s u m m e r f u n!

I can already feel the good vibzzzzzz + energy.

What are you most excited about this summer season?

Will be back shortly with some N Y C updates.

love & light