PicMonkey Collage “A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.” ― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

I'm Half way through the challenge of doing Ballet Beautiful for 45 days straight. Sometimes it is 45 minutes, sometimes 60, often times 90 min, as I simply ADORE it. It is not working out for me, it's SO much more. It is feminine, slow movements, targeted, graceful & cleansing (yes you sweat!). I've never felt more IN my body, feminine, and just better OVERALL - all aspects of my life. My digestion has improved, I sleep better, I have more energy, I'm growing ABS (!) side note: in ALL BB exercises you engage your core, so it is VERY, VERY good for your abdominals.

I just wanted to stop in to encourage you to KEEP ON GOING. No matter what it is in your life. A new lifestyle, diet, fitness regime, writing a book, getting a new job, starting a new business / venture, studying, painting a piece, WHATEVER it is, know that any and everything takes work, discipline, dedication and LOVE. You can 100% do A N Y T H I N G that you want.

First and foremost LOVE for yourself, and love for those around you. Change isn't easy, but step by step you will get there.

I hope everyone is having a joyous + love filled weekend. Disconnect and surround yourself with your loved ones! Tis' the season for pure joy, peace and LOVE.

love & light