How can summer almost be over? I'm choosing to soak up every last ounce of sun, nature and greenery that I can. Although I will be sad to see summer go, I fully embrace and welcome the next season of life in all that it will hold. I know exciting times are ahead, and I'm ready to push full steam ahead, live each day with passion and love and give with my hearts content.


FAST COMPANY MAGAZINE : One of my favorite reads. Both online and hard copies are genius.


MATTER AND HOME CANDLES : I love candles to the extreme, but they have to be soy or beeswaxed based (the other ones release too many toxins into the air!). These not only meet all of thise requirements, but are infused with healing energy + truly value the environment, sustainability and giving back to the community. Beautiful mission, beautiful candle.


THIS ZARA DRESS : 90'S floral meets lingerie. Yes please!


NEW CALVIN KLEIN ADS : One of my favorite, classic brands. Christy Turlington is one of my major inspirations as she leads Every Mother Counts, and is BEYOND passionate about philanthropy and making a difference. But hello, this 44 year old mother and Columbia graduate is SMOKIN HOT in these pictures.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 10.19.35 PM

YOUR BRAIN ON EXERCISE : I admit it, and for all those that know me personally...I'm a giant NERD. The brain, and pictures like this get me excited. But honestly how can you deny this? It's time to get moving beautiful people! Sweat, move, dance, walk, run shake, whatever you have to do to get your lobes lighting up!

Happy Weekend!

love & light

x Lisa