tumblr_mkz9dzZBlC1ritckjo1_1280 It's Friday!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING and love filled week. It is now time to let loose, relax, breathe, catch up, rejuvenate, sleep, get a yoga class in, cook healthy and nourishing meals and spend time with loved ones.

I thought I would start a new series where every Friday I share what I am loving at the moment. Sometimes it will be more, sometimes less. But at the moment I have 10 things to share with you.

Check it out and let me know what you are loving at the moment too // I love hearing about new and exciting things. Life is all about collective sharing, giving, growing...


FRESH PEONIES // My favorite flower of all time. I know people with these planted in their gardens... I will definitely be 'stealing' some this summer to put beside my bed. I always have fresh flowers beside me. They are LIFE giving.


JENNIFER LAWRENCE // L o v e her. Her beauty, attitude, genuine soul is something that is rare in crazy hollywood. One word - refreshing.


SUMMER LOOKS // Searching for the perfect summer bikini. Love the idea of throwing on a chunky knit when it cools, sipping a juice and a bright bag. Perfection.


FALLING IN LOVE // And wearing matching converse. Cheesy yes, but boy do I love converse, chunky knits and nurturing my soul mate which I KNOW is out there... I love, love and can't wait to give my heart to {him}.


ALKALINE FOODS // Which is an obsession 24/7 365 days a year! Eating alkaline is pivotal to my healing. How amazing are these foods? Key players are always spirulina, chlorella, sea veggies, kale, cucumbers, dandelion and celery. I have these goods every. single. day.


LEATHER SKIRTS // In winter leather pants are glued to me, so come summer it is only natural for me to switch to a leather skirt! LOVE this one Miranda is wearing... will hunt something similar down.


MY FUTURE DESK + OFFICE SPACE + WELLNESS SPACE // I want to have a place where I can sit, work, breathe life, have the sunlight streaming in, books all around me, a place to mediate, dream, see clients, write (possibly a book!), my own solid retreat in my home. Oh and sheepskin on my chairs is my new obsession! love. love. love.


PLAIN WHITE TEE // rag & bone glory. Simple. Staple. My favorite item in my wardrobe. I live for simplicity.


JASMINE OIL // My new perfume. I am slowly weaning myself off conventional perfumes ( I know! It is a tough one for me...but it is happening. I was attached at the hip to my chloe + tom ford.) I am just a scent person. It evokes feeling, memories and emotions for me. But I am armed with essential oils which I looove and use all the time. I just have to wean the other stuff out...I will also be on the hunt for an all-natural perfume. I will report back on any findings!


DREAMS // We all have them. But are YOU truly doing all you can to achieve them? Time will pass, years will fly, but are you changing, growing, going after what you want. After years of being what felt like confined to my 'health journey' I feel AWAKE again and invigorated to go after what I want. Spring is my reawakening and I feel like I can shine again! I am coming for you world....I will not give up. Visualizations. prayer. meditation. affirmations. These are my daily reality, and my HOPE is to inspire and help you along the way and with your journey. We can do this.

Happy weekend.

love, love