It's Friday!

Time for round two of my top obsessions for the week.

I hope everyone had a lovely week. I am looking forward to having a chill weekend full of family, friends, catching up on school, Mad Men episodes and my books (I got an amazon order of 7 new books! I get sooooo excited when I see a amazon package).


RAW CHOCOLATE // Now I have to be careful with this stuff as I become too addicted! So on the weekends I indulge in a few treats, and my next goal on my list is to make raw cocao bliss balls (will share with you when I do!)


FOREHEAD KISSES // Aren't they the best??? Miss them dearly, but know they will be back in my life...soon.


DIY BEESWAX CANDLES // I found these on pinterest and this summer I am going to attempt making them! Burning beeswax and soy based candles are the only safe ones to burn! The other ones release soooo many toxins into the air, so I simply can't burn them. I need to eliminate as many toxins as I can from my body and environment.


BARCELONA CHAIRS // Can't WAIT to have my own place and have two of these chairs in my space! I LOVE the vintage ones as they are perfectly worn in.


RAW GRANOLA // I can't wait to make some for myself! I bought a small dehydrator and will start making my own sprouted granola and flax crackers! Soooooo excited.


RAG & BONE CUT - OFFS // Don't get me wrong I have a plethora of $5 shorts from vintage stores in NYC, But I believe one pair of good ones are mandatory especially when you wear them so often. You just feel a tad 'dressier' when you wear these...which come summer is all.the.time.


ZEOLITES // This is a new discovery and definitely needs a post on its own! It is UNREAL. I have now started having it as a detox shot which is incredible as I cleanse and detox. But in essence it is a clay that is a natural detoxifier and has a VERY unique crystal structure that grasps the 'toxins' and then eliminates them from the body (google cancer and zeolites and although their are no official studies, it has been a miraculous healer for many...) I will be writing about it more very soon.

heather morgan

FOOD FOR THOUGHT // This statement is very powerful and really strikes a cord with me. I am on a major healing journey, and have come to a lot of realizations in the past few weeks which I will share with you shortly! (Don't worry everything is A-OK!). I have just become SO aware of my body these past few years that I know when it is trying to tell me something. In essence my gut and intuition are on high power again and I have to do some clean sweeping and will be taking a different turn with my treatment which just feels SO. RIGHT.

That's it for today! I hope everyone has a beautiful, love-filled and peaceful weekend.

love, love