I hope you all have an amazing weekend, full of laughter, love and being in nature!

I have a busy one full of a wedding, photo shoot, studying, a lots of time relaxing, spending time with friends, reading and being active!


SUMMER + WATERMELON / If you need to find me this is where I will be! Running in nature and eating watermelon.


LIGHTED GLOBE / I've always had wanderlust. I still want to explore and see the world. I envision my home being a collection of things I acquired through my adventures... this globe would be highly coveted in my home.


DRESS + CONVERSE / love the juxtaposition. I'm a complete converse girl, and this combo makes the perfect summer festivity ensemble.


SKATEBOARDING / I've tried it a couple of times and it is not an easy feat! But I like a challenge. My sister longboards, so maybe I will start there and transition onto the smaller board...might save me some major gashes!

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 8.42.59 AM

HE SAID, SHE SAID / Love THIS interview from Gaby Reece (model/mom/super athlete) and her husband Laird Hamilton (pro surfer) their top 10 things for a healthy relationship. When it comes down to it, it's all about respect, communication, friendship, passion, and nurturing each others body, mind & soul!


WHITE BF JEANS / You heard me rave about bf jeans a few days ago HERE, and now that I saw these white babies, I think they will make the perfect rotation for basic denim this summer.


A SIMPLE HELLO / I always question this myself - why am I so afraid to just say hello sometimes? I posted another picture like this on my FB page yesterday and it spoke about people just being people, and how they shouldn't make us nervous. When it comes to the core of everything we truly are all the same, no better, no worse than each other. The only difference is HOW we choose to see our greatness and then simply following through on that. WE all have it within ourselves to achieve it, so it simply comes down to a choice. So I guess next time you see me, you better believe I will be saying HELLO! You never know what it may lead to....

xo Lisa