tumblr_mm3339Gt4m1sojqu9o1_500 Happy Friday Loves!

I hope everyone had an amazing week. It is finally starting to feel like summer here in Canada, and it is pure bliss!

Here is to an incredible weekend + Happy Mother's Day to all you gorgeous moms out there. You are miracle workers and I send all my love your way. My mama is now an angel up in heaven and I send her love every single moment. Embrace your mom's and let her know how much you truly love them. They are true gifts.


PANAMA HAT / Must have for summer!


VITAMINERAL GREEN / BEST and most hardcore greens on the planet! I add it to my juices + smoothies every. single. day. I feel like Miss Hulk!


OFFICE DREAMING / Top priority getting a stellar office for my writing, dreaming + business. Simple. White. Fresh flowers. Books. Natural light....*swoon*


MIRANDA KERR + SUMMER WHITES / Loooove this look. I am all over summer whites. Easy, breezy, comfortable YET polished. Also what a hot mama Miranda is! Love her.


BOXING / One of the best workouts I've ever experienced! Going to see if I can get some classes in this summer. I also love the confidence it gives me - tough cookies!

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 9.26.09 PM

CHOCO ALMOND MYLK / Just add raw cocao powder to your homemade almond mylk! I did this the other day, and it was absolutely divine. Unreal summer treat.



RETREATS / SO I have some big news that I will discuss more in depth in another post. But one of my best friends and I have started a Retreat Business, as we have SUCH a passion for helping others find their bliss - hence our companies name - URBAN BLISS ! They will all be focused on health/wellness/healing/yoga/meditation/healthy eating/relaxation/goal setting/discovering your true self and practicing self-love to the extreme....

Our first one will be in Jasper, Alberta in July - nestled in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains

Our second one will be in Bali in March - wait until you see this place - PURE Heaven on Earth

More on this soon....!


STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE / It's where the magic happens. I always come back to this on a daily basis. When I feel like I am taking the safe step or retreating I remind myself that staying comfortable is not where I am going to see the magic! Sometimes we have to push ourselves to open ourselves up to new opportunities. Don't worry about the money, as that will ALWAYS come and go, the law of abundance.

Wishing you a wicked weekend