tumblr_mlnfwduC291qe7l0zo1_1280 HAPPY FRIDAY + LONG WEEKEND Canadians !

It is Victoria day long weekend here which marks the unofficial start of summer...TOO excited for words.

I have Bob Marley playing on iTunes, sun is streaming in, and I am ready for a weekend full of friends, sun, laughter, reading, biking (I have a new ride!), trying out new recipes, brother's pre-birthday party, Noorish lunch date w/ the brothers gf + so much more.

What I am loving now //


WHEATGRASS / More veggies packed in one shot than you can fit in, in over 3 days...lets just say it is powerful and potent. I add a shot into my smoothies once/twice a week. WAOW. Power + energy city.


CLASSIC TRENCH + BLACK FLATS / One of my favorite looks! I have a classic trench but am on the hunt for a black one.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.00.12 AM

DANI PRESS / Best cards EVER. One of my best friends started this card line after traveling the world and truly pouring her heart + soul into every single photo and card. Not to mention her business model of giving back to a South African foundation - 'These Numbers Have Faces'. Love her + love these cards. She is in NYC this entire month spreading the word and will be apart of the biggest card/craft show in the world! GO Dani. Her newly designed Site ---> HERE


THIS LOOK / All white. I just LOVE white in the summer! So fresh, crisp and cool.


CHIA BANANA PUDDING / I loooove making chia pudding! So delicious. Add some raw cocao granola on top and you are set for hours on end. Those magical seeds keep you full and energized for a very long time. If I don't have a smoothie after my juice, I will have some sort of chia pudding.


CAROL ALT / supermodel, author, actor, and raw food enthusiast! She is such a stunner and if you can believe it or not she is 52 yrs young, and has NO make up here. She has been a raw foodie for over 17 years and truly looks better now than she did when she was 30! She says she feels better now then she did when she was 20!!! Now that is a testament. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out and definitely one of my inspirations. Her books are amazing + full of recipes + tips. I am not 100% raw but raw food (in the sense of fruit + veg) make me feel ALIVE and feed my body and soul. We are living beings and I truly believe by feeding it living foods we are able to live our best life! In any case, I love her + hope to meet her one day!


SELF-LOVE / Now this is something I am SUPER passionate about! I firmly believe we can't love others until we love ourselves. Know yourself, know your worth and give thanks to all of your unique talents and gifts, because at the end of the day NO ONE is like you. You are special, beautiful and unique as only ONE of you exists. Never feel like you aren't good enough and will never achieve what you want because someone is already doing it...FALSE BELIEFS. You will simply add your own special talents + skills and they WILL be a asset because no one else has them. Love yourself, to love others.

Happy Weekend LOVES!