How is everyone doing today? Hope you had a beauuutiful week. It is starting to warm up here, and spring is definitely springing. So, so happy...

It's time to share my obsessions of the week!


NATURE IS PERFECT / How cute is this? Even carrots embrace. If you get anything from this, it's that life is about LOVE. Show others and yourself unlimited love, if carrots can do it so can you!


ROUND RAYBANS / I'm a ray ban freak! These will be perfect for summer. A little bit hippy, but staying true to ray bans classicism.


TOUSLED HAIR / Couldn't be more perfect for the summer. Wind blowing, days at the beach/lake...let it flow.


CLASSIC BEAUTY / Charlotte Rampling. One of the classics and one of my favorites. True beauty icon.


FLOWERS IN A JAR / This has become my favorite way to store them.


BLACK BRAS / Hands down my favorite item of clothing! Sexy, feminine, edgy, I just adore these little numbers.

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NEW RMS LIP SHINE / I am the BIGGEST fan of RMS make-up and Rose-Marie herself (who is so sweet and inspirational). It is the only make-up I wear ...her new lip shine 'sacred' is the PERFECT summer shade. Think watermelon lips - yes please!


DENIM ON DENIM ON DENIM / I love it, and will be rocking it extensively this summer! Canadian tuxedo 4 ever ; )


WORRYING IS KILLER / A little bit of worrying is normal and will happen. But we have to condition our bodies to not constantly be in a worried condition. You know those people that are 'worry warts'? The damage that they are doing to their bodies is very shocking. Not to mention when you worry, and it's NOT reality and not warranted you are creating something that truly doesn't exist...Let's all work on letting the worry melt away! When you get scared, worried, fearful stop and acknowledge it, talk to someone, write in your journal, recognize that it won't help you no matter what the situation. Only positivity will breed the outcomes that you want!

Don't worry, be happy!!!

Have an amazing weekend Loves