tumblr_mnhxbmFB5U1rsuch2o1_500 Happy Friday Loves!

A small fun friday for you.

I hope you have an amazzzzing weekend. Two of my best buds are here from Vancouver, so it will be a wonderful one indeed.

Make sure to get outside, rub your feet in the grass, get some Vitamin D, run in the park, go on a bike ride, enjoy a delicious smoothie on your deck/balcony, share some laughs with friends...enjoy the long summer nights.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 8.48.32 AM

A JEAN VEST / My summer staple for me for sure! LOVE this rag & bone one


KIMBERLEY SNYDER / I have her first book and absolutely adored it, and her second one did not disappoint! SO full of good information + recipes. A must read for sure - you can find it on amazon HERE


BEAUTY AT ALL AGES / Aging gracefully. Too many youngin's getting work done (I know someone in their 20's with botox. SCARY!). When we should just embrace our age, and live a lifestyle that supports a healthy & long life!


MY WEEKEND OUTFIT / It is going to be a bit cooler here this weekend so this will be PERFECT!


NIKE FREES / My favorite workout shoe EVER! I've been wearing free's since their 1.0 days, and now they are on 5.0 models. LOVE them. Have them in black at the moment, but loooooving these green/yellow babies.


HUSTLE / If we wait around and expect things to just come to us- it will NEVER happen. We have to do out there and create our dreams and the life we want. If we don't, who else will ?

xo Lisa