I swear Summer is already flying us by...It's still raining in these parts, so although it's officially summer we have yet to see its glimmers of sunshine.

But I have complete hope it will be here soon, and I will be reading my books on a blanket in a beautiful park soon.

I hope everyone had a lovely week and that the weekend will be that much better.


QUINOA SUSHI / I do sometimes go out for sushi, but making these at home seem all the more delicious! I think quinoa/avo/carrot and marinated shitake mushrooms in coconut aminos will be UNREAL.


BRAIDS / I usually tend to rock them more in the summer than the winter as it is the perfect beach hairstyle AND who doesn't love a good solid beach wave. Braid your hair before bed when it is slightly damp and them give it a nice lose braid. Voila! Beachy goodness all before 8 am.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 8.48.38 PM

X AMBASSADORS / A new band discovery for me! I can't get enough of THIS song..Litost. Here is the lead singer singing it acoustic, which just goes to show you their true talent. Buy the complete song or album off of itunes, you won't regret it. My other favorite song is 'Brother'


TRUE SUCCESS / Why do we let other people define it? I feel like when we do we will never measure up - to what you ask, to what we think we are supposed to be and what defines success. Money , fame, material possessions, a big house, BUT what truly is success? To me it is living a healthy and abundant life - which means it being full of love, family, friends, living passionately, making a difference in the world and giving back! Money does make the world go around - but remember to chase YOUR dreams and not the benjamins!




FAMILY / Now don't get freaked out, my maternal instincts aren't buzzing just yet! I'm as single as they come, 4 years strong which I think qualifies me for Nun status ; ) I guess lately I've just been dreaming of having a family. It has always been a dream of mine to be a mother, and since I lost my precious Mother and best friend over 10 years ago, I want to carry on her legacy and teach my kids what she taught me. Be kind, and respect everyone around you. You are no different than anybody else on this planet. Spread joy and give back. My heart just fills with joy when I think of her smile! One day, it will happen. But first maybe I should put my energy into being open to love and finding my other half !

Long Walk to Freedom

A LONG WALK TO FREEDOM / Mr. Mandela. What a legend. He is the definition of forgiveness. I lived in South Africa for 4 years, and relish every minute spent there. Some of the most beautiful people in the world! I can't believe I still haven't read this - I just got it in my amazon order and can't wait to dig in this reading list is SO long this summer, but I am up for a challenge. You can purchase it HERE


STOP TALKING / Start listening - I think the world would be better place if we learned to just listen. Open your ears and hear the unspoken... it's those moments when no words are shared that the beauty lies.

Happy Weekend Loves!

xo Lisa