Happy Friday Y'all!

I know all you Americans are enjoying a lovely, lovely long holiday weekend. Soak it up for us, your Northern Neighbors.

Have an incredible + loved filled weekend to the rest.


DRAWING / Drawing and coloring is always therapeutic for me. I've been doing it a lot more lately, and loving it.


SIDE-PART / I've switched over to the dark side! Not really, but have been wearing my hair parted to the side instead of the middle. It feels much more freeing ! Wild Child I know : )


BIKING/ I'm obsessed. I just wished I lived in a city that was mire bike-able...but that will be coming SOON.


SKATEBOARDING / Another mode of transport that I love, but am super duper beginner at. My sister longboards, so will get her to coach me there.


ZUCCHINI PASTA / I love my spiralizer and use it all the time to make a delicious bowl of greens + a simple tomato sauce. Or even a avocado pesto which is divine.


BOLD BROWS / Now that it is summer I want to go even bolder. Make-up free and bold brows screams summer to me.


SUMMER CHILL / I'm going to take this summer to really take some time to just 'chill'. Work hard no doubt, but stepping away from the computer, e-mails, SM, and indulging in my drawing, reading, nature, walks, heading to the lake, picnics in the park with friends. I encourage you to truly get out there and soak up all the delicious vitamin D.


BOXING / Went back to class yesterday and holy moly it kicked me in the butt, but was so, so good. Can't wait to go back for MORE. Hunt down a local studio in your city and give it a go. As a female it's also super empowering and helps you push through mental blocks.


THIS PROVERB / Fell in love with this. I had never seen it before, but my oh my this is how I want to live everyday. I do have to be logical and practical, but always trusting what is within is the key to life. Never doubt that inner voice inside, and lead with your heart. You know what it is right, and it's super easy to get caught up in the material world. Stay focused, balanced and fully of love to give & receive.

Happy Weekend Loves!

xo Lisa