col·la·gen - the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues, widely used in purified form for cosmetic surgical treatments."vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen"

 I've sung collagen's praises again, and again on the blog! 

But, what exactly is it?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It's found in joints, ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, muscles, bones, and even our digestive system. You could say, when it comes to our joints and tendons, it's the "glue" that holds us together. Especially our skin! 

As we age, which is inevitable, collagen starts to decrease year, after year - it's actually happening as you read this! The loss, and lack of collagen, is what makes our skin wrinkle, sag, loose elasticity, and ultimately 'age'. Ugh. If we're being truly honest here, no one really wants to look older than they are, am I right? 

Now, I'm not fearful of aging in the slightest, I actually think it's such a privilege to grow old, and explore myself, and the world into old age. 

But...I do want to keep my skin in tip top shape, for no one but myself. The skin is an organ, just like the heart, and brain, so if I take such great care of my inner temple, I'm going to take just as stellar care of my outer self. Skin is 100% an inside job. 

I see no ego in this, as the skin is merely a reflection of what's going on inside our bodies, therefore if we take good care of our inner garden, the fruits of our nourishment, and tender loving care, will bloom and take stage on the outside. This is guaranteed, and why I speak so highly of glowing from the inside out in my book . That glow, stems from the inside. There is no way around it. 

Collagen, along with a super nutrient dense lifestyle, is my elixir for glowing skin.

 For the outer, truly only reflects the inner. 

I can even go so far and say that it is so much better for you than Botox - something that has gained so much popularity in turns of wrinkles and aging.

Let's delve a little deeper...

A quick look into why, as I know girls as young as their early twenties are injecting themselves with it, which can be very scary! I hold absolutely no judgment here what-so-ever, I know people that have done it, and know people who are doing it! I'm a firm believer in doing your own research, and making a sound judgment for yourself, and no one else. 

But here is what I've discovered through my own research. Take everything with your own grain of salt. 

The real reason that Botox is not an effective treatment for wrinkles is because wrinkles aren’t caused by muscle contractions. Wrinkles occur when the collagen in your skin breaks down, the only stuff which gives your skin its elasticity. As we lose collagen, the skin becomes thinner and creases (aka wrinkles) form. So, if you really want to get rid of wrinkles permanently, you’ve got to increase your collagen levels. Botox simply paralyzes, it doesn't rebuild, and regenerate the collagen which is the only thing that will help when it comes to aging skin.

You can apply collagen creams to your face to get rid of wrinkles, but the skin is inferior at absorbing it. 

Which is why I look to oral supplements, most notably the oneabove, but also the magical elixir that is bone broth. 

*note I'm not sponsored by any products that I speak about. I promote these products, as I personally use them, and adore them. If I do in the future become sponsored or have affiliations, I will be 1000% transparent with you!

When taken orally, they are able to truly help rebuild the collagen in your body by cellularly, helping rebuild the collagen 'netting' in your body. Think of your face, and skin as thousands meters of netting close together. As we age, these netting gets lose, and pulls apart, which is where the damage, and degeneration occurs. 

Collagen, when supplemented, is what's going to help repair these structures and cells. 

What else can it do:

•Repair your hair, and nails. It's a protein, which these are both made of! It makes both incredibly shiny

•It also helps with cellulite + stretch marks

•Reduces joint pain and degeneration - aka stiffness. If you ever wake up feeling like the tin man, you could be lacking essential collagen

•Heals and soothes the digestive tract and actually repairs digestion lining - "seals and heals"

•Increases metabolism by adding super lean muscle mass to your frame

•Helps slow the effects of aging by improving the bodies use of antioxidants

•It's used by the cells to reconstruct DNA and RNA - powerful stuff we have here! 

•Helps regenerate and repair the liver, especially when it's met with a heavy toxic load

The above literally just scratches the surface of how collagen is vital to our bodies healing processes, and overall health. 


•My favorite way is through the above supplement. It's tasteless and odorless so I throw it into all of my smoothies!

•Inside a matcha latte or your morning coffee  - you can also add it to tea, it dissolves rapidly 

•Chicken soup that has been simmered with bones

•Bone Broth - another favorite of mine. I try to drink it at least three times a week. I've shared before that I was vegan for over eight years, while healing with Lyme Disease, but my body was telling me that it wanted some animal protein. I resisted for a long time, but I listened to my body, and once I added it back in, I saw and felt so many positive differences. Again, it might not be right for you, and your lifestyle, but if it is, drink up! This is a completely judgement free zone to any, and all dietary choices and lifestyles. I can only share what I know, and experience. The rest is up to you to make a choice that feels best for you, and only you. 

If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you, and look forward to connecting over a session. I know this time can be very difficult to navigate, and I would be so honoured to be here for you. Ultimately we work with your bodies innate healing tools, and you're guided to a optimal state of existence, in body and mind. 

If you're uncertain what I'm about, you can see my book here! It's a intro into who I am, my healing journey, and how I practice.