PicMonkey-Collage8 I witness every single day how much the world needs our voices when it comes to health/wellness/nutrition + support.

I will guide you into making the right choices and to break bad habits and cycles that seem hopeless. You have to remember our optimal health depends not simply on the food, yes that is important, but it involves our relationships, careers, home life, physical activity, spirituality, ALL of these affect how we choose to nourish our bodies or not. Once we are aware of these we can make changes in multiple areas of our lives instead of putting sole focus on the food.

I want to enrich and enliven your whole being from the inside out. This is my goal, purpose and complete and utter passion in life.

Below I wanted to share a few reasons why you might need me: -

1. You have cravings that you don’t know how to handle - so you end up eating, and eating AND eating.

2. The people around you are overweight or unhealthy - they bring you down and encourage you to maybe eat things that you know you don't make you feel good.

3. You want to lose weight fast, and think it is a quick fix - it's not, and it should never been seen as a goal. Attaining and maintaing a healthy lifestyle should be #1.

4. You don’t have enough time for yourself - where do you begin? This where we come in! Self-love and self-care is something we promote and encourage before we even SPEAK about food.

5. You are stressed out with family and work responsibilities - If you suffer from stress or anxiety, a health coach will teach you about the relationship between stress and chronic disease, how to reset your priorities, and how to get your stress under control.

6. Your family needs to eat better but you aren’t sure how to accomplish that with what you know or the time you have - There are cookbooks, diet books, commercials, restaurants, and products labeled “healthy” on the market, and you need to improve your and your family’s diet. That’s where I do! How to decipher the good from the bad, and how to encourage your family and slowly crowd out the unhealthy foods.

7. You are confused about whether meat, protein, carbs, dairy, produce, or GMO foods are healthy - Every existing diet conflicts with every other diet. How can you tell what is healthy for you? I will help you determine what foods are healthy for YOU and what will work for YOU - It is ALL about bio-individuality. What works from someone, could be someone else's poison.

8. Nothing has worked before so you continue to gain weight or have chronic health issues - If you suffer from black and white thinking, chances are you have given up because nothing you have tried before worked. If you have gained weight, or if you are suffering from chronic health issues that are blood sugar-related, high cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation or arthritis, or other health issues, YOU CAN improve your health quickly through food and nutrition! It is in my opinion, the number ONE healer, and if you let it, your body will heal itself. It has ALL the tools necessary to do so. But nutrition, lifestyle, self-love, self-care, your outer and inner environments are JUST as important. Us health coach's can help you wade through the mountains of nutrition research to figure out what works for YOU, YOUR health & YOUR lifestyle.

At the end of the day health is truly wealth. If we don't have our health, then nothing else matters.

We have to remember that our mind and body are interconnected. If we don't accept this then true healing cannot begin, which I know from first hand experience - I went through over 6 years of learning all of this first hand.

I would love and be honored to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and past experiences with all of you, so you in turn can become a role model to the people around you. Therefore, its my responsibility to be honest and give an authentic portrayal of my journey of health throughout the life of this blog. I will do all I can to help you in a genuine, realistic, compassionate and understanding way!

I work 1-1 with women just like you all over the world to help optimizer their health, reach goals, feel and look amazing! If you would like further help with your health and don't know where to start, or a FREE 20 minute Discovery session with me to see if we would be a good team, than please send me an e-mail or contact me HERE. to chat about how we can work together and take the first step to make this your healthiest and happiest year.

Have an incredible start to your weekend

love, love