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If we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of others. I truly believe that.

I feel that we are so, so busy in our lives that it is so easy to 'let yourself go' - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually... all of it.

I DO NOT believe this should be the case. If we don't put ourselves first, even with kids, husbands and family in the mix, we won't be our most optimal self to take care of them and be the pillar in all these other areas of our lives.

How many people when they get into marriages, relationships, have babies, get a new job, hate their job, are stressed just completely let themselves go? Their diet becomes coffee & pastries or they don't eat at all, they are wearing clothes that just don't fit or flatter them and they are genuinely and truthfully overwhelmed, lost, confused and un satisfied with life, EVEN though they 'appear' happy and are putting on a brave face.

I see this all too much, and this is where I want to help. This is where my passion, mission in life, and ultimate goals come into play.

I want to help you live your BEST and most OPTIMAL life - through health/wellness, fashion, goal setting and just an overall life makeover! I truly, truly, believe we are all so beautiful and we each have our own unique gifts to share with the world, but if we don't let them shine, no one will see. Being a caterpillar instead of a butterfly isn't going to help anyone.

For me it is MUCH more then the clothes (I focus on the inner hear and soul), even though I do work with clients on their closets, shopping and overall wardrobe, this is because at the end of the day WE ALL HAVE TO GET DRESSED IN THE MORNING! And since our society is naturally inclined to focus on first impressions I feel that it is still necessary to dress in a way that represents YOU, a style that you can call your own, and clothes that you feel 100% confident and comfortable in.

I want to leave you with the BEST clothing in your closet and then help you develop and nurture your own sense of style, and help you achieve the confidence you deserve! From the inside out.

For most of my clients we end up getting rid of about 60-70% of their clothing because it is just not serving them anymore - think about HOW many items you have in your closet that you don't wear? Probably 80%, as it is fact we only wear about 20% of our wardrobe. All of the mounds of poorly fitted and dated clothing people hold on to 'just in case I need them' will go to people who TRULY need them, via local charities around town. This is a must for me, even though they aren't serving you anyone, there are people that it can, and behold a beautiful and life giving exchange.

I am also currently studying to be a Holistic Health Counselor as my MAJOR passion in life is healing through nutrition, health, wellness and ultimately from the inside out. That is where my ultimate focus lies in all of this. As I continue to learn and grow these two passions are coming together and will be more detailed and focused on my NEW SITE (which will be launching in less than a month!).

At the end of the day - I want to HELP you live your best life, as I firmly believe that EVERYONE has the tools within themselves to live their OPTIMAL LIFE.

If you work with me, it will be MUCH, MUCH more than the clothes so be prepared! If you want your heart awakened, your soul touched and a inspired life, then come my way - I will be waiting with open and loving arms where we will nurture your complete and whole self.

You are beautiful, but I believe it is time to truly let it shine.

You can contact me at lisa@lifebyleese.com for more details & to discuss customized plans or you can see HERE a short detailed view of some of my plans although I customize and personalize all plans for each client.

*upon request I work with clients through skype & e-mail for Nutritional Mentoring as it is a bit harder to do virtual closet clean outs and personal shopping from abroad, as much as I want to! Coming soon will also be a LIFEBYLEESE 6 month PLAN which will launch end of August so stay tuned...

Remember to practice self-love everyday, you are the only person who knows what you need and want in life.

xo Lisa