So here I am. This post was VERY hard for me to write, and I've had it saved for a few days now...but I feel like as I am about to make some changes with my site and business, I wanted to let you truthfully know where everything is stemming from and where I want to go from here...

I don't know how many of you know, but before this blog, in 2008, I had a successful fashion blog (leeselooks) which I started when the whole fashion blogging world became popular - the beginnings of Fashion Toast, Karla's Closet, Sea of Shoes, etc... So for two whole years I nervously posted pictures of my outfits for the world to see! Funny thinking about that now, as honestly you couldn't tag me in a FB photo if you tried. For real, I am just a very shy person and do not like to put myself out there like that. Yet I did, and it proved to be quite successful.

Moving on from that and now with staring my Life Styling Business, LIFEBYLEESE, which I will meld with my Health Coaching to provide you + the world with someone that looks at the WHOLE person and truly + genuinely wants people to use the tools within themselves to live their OPTIMAL life and for every.single.person to find that inner glow and let it radiate to the world. It is my true purpose and passion to help others, that is my mission, and through health/wellness/healing foods + taking my schooling + love for fashion and putting into action I will provide services that will truly allow you to live your best life! I truly believe EVERYONE is beautiful, but we do struggle, and go through physical/mental/emotional pain, frustration as this is LIFE. I want to be there to help, nurture and heal YOU no matter where you are in the world.

Therefore I want my site to move from beyond a blog to more of a business site - BUT still holding my mission in all of this to help others. It WON'T be flashy or cheesy, but it will authentically display my business, what I offer and how I can HELP YOU achieve all that you want from life. My blog will still stay I same, there will just be different features, additions and more I guess 'call to action' vibe going on. YET STILL absolutely retaining the same feel and simplistic feel. That is me, and will NEVER change.

With that being said I realize that I will have to put myself out there more....AKA pictures of myself out there... something which is hard for me to do. BUT if I want to grow, change, move forward I have to become my brand, and truly embrace my true purpose and passion to the absolute fullest.

Therefore expect some gradual changes, and more of ME! Is that ok? I hope so.

I might add in a few outfit posts a month, or show you some shoots I am working on, put in an 'ASK ME' feature so we can do Q & A, if I truly grow some balls - I might start doing videos! But lets start slow and steady...

I would love to hear from you to - what do you want to see moving forward? Any and all thoughts are welcome with love and gratitude.

Hoping everyone had a very 'HOPPY' Easter! Here is to a love filled and beautiful week ahead.

love, love