Grocery shopping - some of us love it, some of us hate it. I happen to adore it. I can sometimes stalk health food stores (NYC was the best for this! And I miss it) for unhealthy, or should I say healthy, amounts of time.

Whole Foods is heaven for me, and finding new health foods and getting my bounty for the week is pure joy. Knowing that I'm going to cook healthy, organic meals for myself just nourishes my mind, body and soul.

So what is in my cart ? These are items that you will consistently find in my cart + pantry:


*All organic when possible (unfortunately living in YEG it is hard to come by some organic stuff and I can't bring myself to pay $4 a cucumber when I eat/juice at least one a day! I peel and wash when non-organic).

-green apples* (heavily sprayed always buy organic) -romaine lettuce* -spinach* -celery* (heavily sprayed always buy organic) -cucumbers -lemons* -grape tomatoes* -sustainably caught fish -sweet potato* -avocado's* -parsley* -banana's* -hemp seeds* (for eating + milk so I go through a lot. Remember after you open them to store in the fridge) -quinoa* -raw sauerkraut* -zucchini* -radishes -goji berries* -sprouts* (loooove sprouts, all kinds. I'm obsessed) -dulse* -sundried tomatoes* -broccoli* -red peppers* (heavily sprayed) -frozen berries for smoothies (organic when possible) -bee pollen* -ginger -pears* -kale* -raw/dark chocolate* (for when you just NEED a bite!) -raw crackers*

These are the mainstays - I definitely pick up some veggies throughout the week as I eat SO many! (i.e beets, fennel, mushrooms when I feel like it!) and it will also vary depending what is at the markets. But these are the basics. I will also sometimes get quinoa pasta + organic pasta sauce on a cold rainy evening. NO need to ever deprive yourself! But a lot of time I just use zucchini as noodles, SO good and I do prefer it over pasta. But sometimes you just need a bowl of warm pasta.

Stocked always: green powders, maca, chia seeds, spirulina, flax seeds, raw cocao, coconut oil, flax oil, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, GF oats, coconut aminos, raw cocoa nibs, pumpkin seeds, tahini, garlic, green tea, dates, spices, etc...

Such simple whole foods, but you can create all your meals using all of these staples! No need to stress about what to eat when you have an abundance of organic foods waiting for you. I eat very simply, and whole. It nourishes me from the inside out, and makes me so happy.

*note: some things you don't see because I'm allergic - all dairy, eggs, almonds/walnuts, pineapple, & squash. I'm also gluten intolerant so am completely GF! I also don't eat processed sugar. BUT in no way to I let this stop me from eating an abundance of foods.

My health is #1 and it starts from within. Everything starts from within. We can't love if our hearts aren't whole, and we can't live a fully and vibrant life is our nutrition is not in line.

I'm not perfect in the slightest, but everyday I make choices to nourish myself from the inside out. If I have something that doesn't jive with my body, tomorrow is a new day.

That is the beauty of life. Tomorrow is always a new day, a new beginning, a new step on your journey.

xo Lisa

ps- I also offer my clients a service to truly come shopping with me! If all of this seems foreign to you, I take you on a shop at your local organic store and I can get your kitted up, and ready for action. e-mail me for more details: