tumblr_mmdmgb2x4a1ritckjo1_1280 DO IT NOW.

Found this quote the other day and it really struck a chord with me.

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How many of us have dreams that seem unattainable? Waiting for the perfect moment to do something? Always planning for when I have this...When I am here...etc.

I am right there with you, and like Hugh said, we will never be ready so why wait.

There is NEVER a perfect moment, a perfect connection, a perfect person.

I think we literally just have to push through those physical and mental barriers and start making things happen. I know it may sound too simple or unrealistic, but I think it really is that simple. When I read biographies of great leaders, billionaires, CEO's of major corporations they ALWAYS say they just did it. They didn't over analyze, plan till they were blue in the face or wait for the perfect moment, because if they did their greatness and success may of never happened in the first place.

I know what's holding me back are my own simple fears, which are definitely natural as when you embark on something big, new and life changing you will be met with fears. But in those moments I have to choose love over fear. I really only have two options, and LOVE at the end of the day moves all things. I will always CHOOSE love.

What is holding you back from truly going after what you want? If there are obstacles know that they are just obstacles NOT impossible feats.

All I can say is JUST DO IT. START. Move forward, start the momentum and don't be surprised if you find yourself living the life you've always dreamed about.