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Mens Fashion.

First things first, I don't even know if I ever have any male readers, if I do Hi handsome gents + THANK YOU for reading, if not ladies, your welcome + pass this along to the men in your life...

I'm no expert when it comes to men's style - I know what I like on a guy, and I do read GQ for the brilliant articles (AND maybe the pictures...) but through living in NYC, reading articles + blogs I have a small sense on what key items men should have and what they should STAY away from (toe shoes, board shorts unless you are IN the ocean + pleated pants to name a few!).

Being single for too many years to count, I haven't had a man in my life to which I could have fun offering some tips, if he would be open to them of course! I would never, ever force style or clothes upon someone, and I would hope they would come to the table with some of their own flare ; ) This is all totally besides the point that some MEN have killer style, but when it really comes down to it, it's all about keeping it simple, classic, clean-cut...and let me tell you NOTHING is better than a guy in a perfectly fitted, yet loose T, jeans that hang beautifully in all the right places and a pair of sneakers, i.e. converse.

OK, so here are a few things (basics) that I think all men should have in their wardrobe :

WHITE. BLACK. GREY TEES. Classic crew necks (V-necks are OK if they are minimal, very minimal, please no DEEP V's). These are the most covetable item for men and when you find the perfect one stock up, and break them in. I LOVE nothing more than to just wear a dudes broken in T....gents trust me on this, we love wearing them.

JEANS. Straight legged, not too skinny yet not big and baggy either. This will take some trial and error. You can NEVER go wrong with classic Levi's. Never.

A STELLAR COAT. Whether it be a leather jacket, a trench, a peacoat - this is where I feel you can invest and spend the money to get a good quality jacket. It can take your jeans and T to another level.

A GOOD SUIT. This should definitely be fitted with the help of a stellar tailor. Most great men's shop have incredible and knowledgeable staff that will know the perfect cut and style for you. But every. man. should have a suit that they feel like James Bond in. You deserve it!

SNEAKERS. The 'Off-Duty' sneaker. Converse, old school Asics, Vans... no technical runners allowed (save them for your killer workout sessions)

A GOOD WATCH. I feel for men having a nice watch is key as it's their only accessory that can express a lot about them. You don't have to go out and buy a rolex, and please stay away from those GIANT watches that take up the entire arm. Something classic, that can go with any and everything.

These are just the basics, but like I will ALWAYS say with fashion and style - it comes from WITHIN. Beauty, confidence, it all comes from your glowing and shining spirit and personality. I've come across many men who are dressed nicely, but they have given off a really cold spirited first impression, and it will turn you COMPLETELY off. The heart and soul will ALWAYS shine through. But at the end of the day we do have to get dressed in the morning, so it's important to feel comfortable, confident and like our BEST SELVES in our clothing and style. This is what I focus on with my clients! I work on them from the inside out, while at the same time getting them a KILLER wardrobe and style.

When in doubt men, pick up a GQ, ESQUIRE and peruse some blogs for some guidance! Or look at people in the media who's style you love. Some of these photo's above might help as well. Remember that at the end of the day, dress for yourself. No one else.

Happy Friday beautiful ladies + gents.

- Lisa xo