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Anyone in my life knows that I'm a H2O lover. My Santevia Alkaline water system has been one of my best investments to date. Although Drinking water is important for cleansing the body as it moves things out of your system, EATING water is essential for hydrating your organs and keeping them at their optimal function. Research shows that eating foods that are full of water helps keep you satisfied longer, while also fueling your system with important nutrients like melatonin, vitamin c, electrolyes, potassium, and various forms of insanely beautifying anitoxidants. These nutrients help the body do everything from repairing muscle and skin, to regulating circulation, to reducing inflammation, to fighting disease. Long story short: they keep you lean, sexy, and full of light. 

Instead of constantly blanching, steaming, roasting, cooking, frying, as nature intended. Raw, full of bountiful water-rich enzymes and phytonutrients that start to diminish once you heat it up.

What else do I believe we are missing from mother nature's beautiful bounty? Life energy. 
Clean, fresh, organic plants provide a natural source of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and phytonutrients that are ESSENTIAL for keeping the integrity of your body sound. Minerals, most abundantly found in greens, originate from soil and are passed through fruits and vegetables and then absorbed into your beautiful body - as long as they are not killed by harmful chemicals or through processing (choose Organic + Non-GMO please whenever possible!). Enzymes, found in loving bundles in raw whole foods, are proteins that work to catalyze tons of essential processes within our bodies, including breaking down proteins, carbs and fats, purifying blood, and renewing the skin. Without this life force fueling your body's cellular processes, that insanely wise, self-healing, efficient body of yours is thrown completely off track. 
The answer is so simple and so powerful: you’ve got to eat plants.

Put down the packaged bars, step away from the bag of mixed nuts, and throw that gluten-free, sprouted bread out of your freezer. These foods are a fabulous supplement to a healthy diet, but they should never ever be the star of this show that is keeping your body healthy! Regardless of whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian, raw foodie, paleo warrior, etc. you have got to eat organic, fresh, pure ALIVE plants, made with so very much LOVE that you can feel it each and every day. 

Never forget that FOOD is ENERGY. Each loving plant and fruit carries a vibration, and because of that, energy is transferred to your own individual life force. Food isn't just food, and if viewed simply as fuel, you are doing yourself and our beautiful Mother Nature a disservice. Food heals, repairs, regenerates, rejuvenates, and IS life force energy. Simple as that.

Feel the loving difference.

love & light