dad0f9be675078c3a0e681403a7c0690 Lets talk about female + masculine energy.

In the west, we've grown up believing there is a strict divide between woman and man, with distinct characteristics attributed to each.

Femininitygentility, compassion, softness

Masculinityaggression, power, strength

But the truth is that both men and women embody both energies and the masculine and feminine in each of us are actually interlocked and dependent on one another in order to truly form a harmonious universal balance - we need both the yang (male) and the yin (female) in order to show up each moment as the highest form of ourselves. To truly actualize ourselves we must tap into these energies when needed - there is no reason to strictly dominate one over the other. They key is finding the balance in your own body, once you do this you will be able to truly soar.

Below is a chart which describes it perfectly. Take note of the strengths, weaknesses of each and how TOGETHER these energies can harness an extremely strong, self-actulizied, powerful, self-loving human being. Once aware of the existence of two separate energies we can sense when we feel off balance and work to cultivate its opposite to restore our rightful synchronicity.


Lets tap into these energies. Let them flow throughout your body and life...with doing so balance will be achieved.

Have a beautiful weekend loves!

love & light