'We are what we repeatedly do' - Aristotle

I've had a few readers ask what my take on exercise was and what I do, so I thought I would share my thoughts + favorite ways to boogie !

For me it all stems from movement, music, working hard, relaxing, sweating out toxins, mood boost, endorphins, healthy mind and body, AND never has it been about weight management. That might be a side bonus to it all, but I started dancing at the age of 3 and haven't stopped moving since. It's in my blood and bones and I couldn't imagine a day without some physical activity.

With that I am VERY grateful that my body can move, dance, walk, run, is a blessing and I don't take it for granted.

Growing up dancing, music has also been a big part of me - so when I workout I always have music playing. It is a must, it helps me relax, it pumps me up and allows me to just BE in the moment. Exercising is actually quite therapeutic for me.

OK so I'm just going to list all the things that I LOVE and that I do as much as I can. The KEY ingredient to all of this is variety. Like Aristotle so wisely said, we are what we repeatedly do. If we constantly do the same routine or exercise over and over again, we will get the same results. Don't be afraid to try something new! I'm always up for a new class, adventure, as long as my heart is pumping and I can still breathe after I'm good.

My Favorite Workouts

-YOGA - I try to go to a class a week. For body, mind and spirit -BALLET BEAUTIFUL (DVD/BOOK) - 2-3 times a week -MOKSHA/HOT YOGA - 1 class a week -RUNNING - 1-2 times a week -TRACY ANDERSON (DVD) - 1-2 times a week -BOXING ( love, love boxing. If you are in YEG you MUST go to Panther Gym. Benny and Coach are NO joke!) - a class a week -WALKING - Honestly I just love taking good looooong walks. If you can't do anything else walk. -BIKING - whenever I can! I'll often go for a evening bike ride as the sun sets breathing in the last bits of summer air + rays of sunshine -HIKING - if I'm in areas with trails. Being in nature offers you a million more benefits of exercise as you breathe in all of the oxygen and beauty of the plants/trees -DANCING - everyday! Even if its dancing around my room like an idiot. Blasting music in the morning or evening and just moving is the best feeling.

This is just what I do on a regular basis, but I'm constantly wanting to challenge myself! As much as I LOVE to exercise, healing and recovery is just as important. I'm a HUGE advocate of epsom salt baths w/ essential oils (obsessed actually). A good book and bath = heaven. Also just laying on my back in darkness with candles, music and just being.

+++ Don't forget nutrition in all of this and nourishing your body with minerals, enzymes, nutrients! It is imperative. I'll always have a nice big green smoothie after my workouts w/ a bit of protein (either spirulina or Raw Sunwarrior).

At the end of the day just get moving as much as you can! Start with walking, try a new class at your gym, take a beginners yoga class if you are apprehensive, if you don't start somewhere, you won't get anywhere.

love & light

xo Lisa