So my heart has been on fire lately and I just couldn't bring myself to blog yesterday, or write about anything I had planned.

After watching this INSANELY inspiring video about a young boy with cancer who passed away on the 20th and the Oklahoma Tornado that ripped through Moore on the SAME day, my heart has been moved beyond belief.

I am humbled to the ground and words can't express my gratefulness for every. single. person and thing in my life.

It is so, so, SO easy to get caught up in our lives and it is only natural, and we can't feel guilty about it. But at the same time, when we are blessed with so much giving back should be in our DNA.

Whether it is giving $5/$10/$15 dollars to the Red Cross to help the Oklahoma families - which you can do so HERE if we were to all give, even just a small amount (think how much everyone spends of coffee and food each day!) we could make a MASSIVE impact.

For Canadians donate HERE

OR spreading the word of Zach's story and helping raise funds for Children with cancer. I was beyond moved by this video and will be changed forever. We must think that this is only ONE boys story, how many others are diagnosed and passing away each day? It just breaks my heart. I've volunteered wherever I have lived, and loved volunteering in NYC at New York Cares. Now I think my heart lies with Children with cancer. There are ALWAYS opportunities to lend your helping hand, even if it's an hour a week. Whatever you can give! Money does help immensely. But time, that is one of the most precious things in existence. WE can't buy time.

Just like Zach said 'Don't wait until you are dying to start living'

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 3.26.01 PM

Watch the video HERE and be FOREVER changed

Sorry for such a heavy post, but I want to bring light and awareness to what is going on around us! I feel that we have a duty to help others in whatever capacity we can.

I want to live like Zach. If I can make other people smile, bring joy to their lives and HELP them using my own gifts then that is a life worth living AND is exactly what I plan to do.

Live a life where the main foundation of anything you do is to help others. Give with a open heart, which could simply mean...a hug, a bouquet of flowers for a friend, volunteering, helping out a loved one, whatever that means to you. I encourage you to live a life worth giving.

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who is struggling and feeling alone. You are SO loved.

Have a beautiful day loves. Let your light shine!