The morning of 2013.

Happy New Year, so excited to have started this year off with a bang AND with you guys!

It's a new year, a new day and a new you.

I spent sometime yesterday reflecting on things I want to achieve this year - not resolutions, as I don't believe in those. We should constantly be striving for good things each day, not just at the beginning of a new year.

Below are just a few from my list of what I want to create for 2013 -

- Live completely and utterly from my heart - Choose love over fear (this one is hard, as we are constantly taught to fear things!) - TRAVEL - Move to Toronto in the spring/summer 2013 - HEAL (!) - Spread love + love others wholeheartedly - Reconnect + connect - Forgive - truly and fully - Continue to have my daily green juice (more on this soon! Life changer) - No judgments - Surf again - Add even MORE greens into my daily life (the key to life, health and wellness) - Go on a date + kiss/get kissed (personal I know. Lets just say it has been awhile) - See my beautiful best friends in NYC + Vancouver. Girls trip. - Read even MORE. Less TV - Be inspired - Wear sexy lingerie for just for me - Buy said lingerie in matching sets! (I have the most random pieces and feel every woman should have some sexy collections) - Spread the business, love, talents of all my loved ones. Celebrate others successes. - Journal + draw (hello moleskin + pencil crayons) - Spend more time in nature - Practice SELF LOVE. This is huge for 2013. - Experiment more with different veggies + fruits. I tend to stick to the ones I LOVE. Which is okay. But variety is the spice of life. - Finally meet my soul sister Caroline (right C?) - Practice gratitude daily. Meditate on all the goodness in my life and all I have to be thankful for. - See a Toronto Raptors game ( preferably against the Knicks or Brooklyn Nets) - Invest in my fashion loves (Rag & bone, Isabel Marant). Spend money consciously and wisely. - Weekend trips to NYC!!! - Work on my fitness. I love to sweat and work hard. Ballet Beautiful. running. Yoga. Pilates. Get your heart pumping guys! - GIVE. My time, money, hugs, kisses. . . giving is lifes greatest gifts. - Be open. New opportunities, people, adventures. - Shoot more - Share my love and experience with nutrition. Help people change their lives through the power of plants. - AND grow LIFEBYLEESE infinitely. . .

This is just a snippet from my list.

I am so thankful for every day.

What is on your list?

2013 - I'm ready for you.

xx L