bae00f55640ac3f82edbf63688ea269e in·nate iˈnāt/

adjective inborn; natural.

“One grateful thought is a ray of sunshine. A hundred such thoughts paint a sunrise. A thousand will rival the glaring sky at noonday - for gratitude is light against the darkness.”

I'm honored, proud + thankful to share this news...

I'm officially a Holistic Health Care Practitioner at INNATE WELLNESS.

I will be practicing at the NEWLY (gorgeous) opened Health Shop at 163 Dupont Street in TO, and at the Naturopathic Medical Centre at 5 Quebec Ave.

To say I'm grateful does not do it justice. THESE past few years have been a wild, wild ride. Moving to Africa, moving away from Africa 4 years later, becoming very sick during my time there, school in NYC, getting diagnosed with Lymes Disease, time at home in Edmonton to heal. . . and the spontaneous move to Toronto in October.

What a journey it has been , but I wouldn't change a thing. I give thanks to Lymes disease and all that came with it. Each pain ( physical and mental) have propelled me forward to g r o w t h and to who I am today. Without all of this, I would not be who I am today. I would of never started on the road to Nutrition so intensely and passionately if it wasn't for getting sick. Dr's defaulting on my pain and symptoms, caused a fire within me to do all that I could to heal myself - and the only thing I could do was nourish myself with God's gold from the earth - vegetables and fruit and whole foods from nature. Food is medicine, and that is a fact I will argue with anyone : )

All of this to say, that I'm finally starting to feel like ME again. Life is being infused back into my brain, body, blood, mind + soul. Throughout this journey my family + friends would say ' I miss Lisa' . . . and for the life of me I couldn't find her again. My brain was foggy, in constant pain, and my heart ached out of loneliness and distance the disease put between myself and others, and my own inner self.

In life we m u s t go through these times, we all do. They present themselves in different ways, and what determines the outcome is our attitude throughout it all, AND making the CHOICE to choose victory over defeat. When we choose to stand on top of the mountain after going through the valleys, life delivers abundance and love in ways you couldn't even imagine. We have to be open to receive them or they will float by us. The energy you release into the world and universe is e x a c t l y what you will get in return.

Be and stay open. Love deeply. Acknowledge and give thanks to your valleys. Grow and learn from them. Surround yourself with greatness (you become who you surround yourself with). And always, always, always express your gratitude.

So today I shout out my gratefulness. To everyone and everything around me. To new connections. Friends. THIS opportunity. My patients. You beautiful souls. Family. Nature. Health. A home. The ability to make a difference, and LOVE. Because without love, where would we be?

This marks a new Chapter, and one that I will express gratitude in every single step, even through the challenges it may bring. There will never be darkness, because in darkness there will always and forever be light. Choose to see the light in everything, it can and will change the world.

love & light

-xo Lisa