dc6f9cece66c5d22aaffce943d42ef74 HAPPY NOV.1ST.

November has to be my favorite month. It truly signifies the reality of a NEW season, the crispness in the air creeps in, the leaves are at their peek 'autumn-ness', new goals are set, my tea collection expands, the first snowfall, grounding energy expands, soup season starts, AND it's the month that I popped into this world. Overall, it takes a shift in may ways.

In Celtic tradition, Nov. 1st marks the first day of the year and the beginning of winter (hello, brand spanking new goals!). Celebrated with the festival of Samhein (pronounced SAH-WIN), cattle and sheep are moved to closer pastures, livestock are secured, crops are harvested and stored, and we prepare for a season of community, conserved energy, and strong internal fires.

It's a time to let go of what you've been carrying around these past 10 months . . .

Hold this intention of letting go close to you as we enter the celtic new year. Just as the trees release their leaves, you, too, have the opportunity to release all of the thoughts, beliefs, fears, people, and things that do not serve you in order to more closely align yourself with your inner truth. And know that, as you let go, you are surrounded by the strongest, most loving, supportive, and nurturing community in the world - a community that promises to hold, protect, and keep you warm all winter long. The one you CREATE for yourself. Your friends, family, home, environment and f u t u r e.

May you soak up every ounce of this unique spirit and new season.

Also yourself to truly bask in the greatness of the last two months of 2014. Don't wait for the beginning of 2015 to set intentions, goals, attack dreams. Let go + move forward . . .

love & light