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I came across this quote the other day and it really struct a cord with me. Its always been something that I've known, and although I am super motivated, disciplined and a huge achiever (nerd face right here!) I get bit by the procrastination bug just like everyone else (which I know is only natural to a certain extent). With that also comes the saying, we put off things that we are NOT super passionate about, so that also takes some evaluation. Why am I putting this off? Is it going to serve me? How can I find joy in it? What is it that I TRULY want to be doing? AND if it is something that is not helping me fulfill my purpose then I say goodbye to it.

Also with that self-doubt starts to creep in...I squash the thoughts as they arise, but they still tend to pop up here and there. Especially when I set out to achieve GREATNESS! They will come to consciousness and how I handle them is what is going to determine my success. Do not give them energy or power.

I want to challenge you with this, and really challenge you. What do you want to achieve and do, what are your BIGGEST dreams? Those things that you can't get out of your head every.single.day. STOP thinking they are impossible or they will never happen....You have CONTROL over it, and a CHOICE to make a change and make them happen.

Do you want to travel somewhere exotic, go back to school, take a course, switch careers, learn a language, start doing/or even teaching yoga, learn how to cook, juice, start a business, write a book, save up and go travel the world for 3 months, buy a beach house, plan a spa retreat just for YOU...whatever it is. Start NOW, as if we wait until we FEEL ready or what we 'think' is the right time, it will never come to fruition.

I encourage everyone to start a journal - and just write. Write what you want to achieve, write what you are grateful for, and if you are visual like me, and if you haven't already, create a VISION board! AND start making plans to MAKE.THINGS.HAPPEN. because the ball won't start rolling if YOU don't start making it happen, and making the choice to fully live your purpose and passion.

Hope you are all having a beautiful + love filled week.

love, love