PicMonkey Collage If you love something, love it completely, cherish it, say it, but most importantly SHOW it. Life is finite and fragile. Never take people for granted. NEVER.

Say what you need to say, then say a little more. Say too much. Show too much. Love too much.

Everything is temporary but love.

LOVE outlives all.

Oh Hello 2 0 1 5. Nice to meet you. I love you already, just as I do every single day. BUT you seem special.

For me it is has been, and always will be about LOVE. Love for yourself and others. For without it, what is there really?

What a year can bring is something else. . .

It has been 366 days since my 1st post on this *NEW* blog. Looking back at my first post HERE fills me up with so much joy, as I've come a long way since then. . . a very long way. For most of the people closest to me never truly saw the raw parts of this journey. Being Diagnosed 'officially' December. 12th / 2012 with Chronic Lymes Disease, and feeling the pull to come back to blogging was something I never expected, but how can we expect something like this to happen to us? After seeing my beautiful mother suffer from a illness so deep and agonizing, being her light, carrying her spirit and heart on as she passed in 2003, to battling my own health, body and mind is not something anyone wishes for OR expects. BUT this is my story, my journey and I'm thankful for every bit of it. Of course, a million times over, I would wish more than anything to call my mama, hug her so tightly and never let go, and erase all symptoms and sickness from my mind and body, but how would I have ever become who I am today? How would I have grown into ME.It wouldn't have been possible in the slightest of ways. Every moment of my journey grew my heart, softened my soul, and created a fire inside of me to truly help any and everyone that crosses my path. Is this possible? I don't know, but I will try. I was given this journey for a reason, and it's to do big and wonderful things on this planet with the people that I love. For nothing great can be achieved alone. Unity, collectiveness and LOVE.

When I look back at 2014 the one word that comes to mind is PRIDE. Not pride that is rooted in egotistical thoughts, mannerisms or actions. I'm proud of every single thing I did to regain my body, mind and spirit. It was an upward battle met with many falls, but those falls and valleys are what rooted me, and is where the flowers were able to start their buds and flowers. Without them I couldn't and wouldn't be here. Am I 100% healing from Lymes Disease? I don't know or care really. All I know and care about is how I nourish, love and help myself and others. Do I still have symptoms? Sure do. But so does everyone. A pain here, a bit of fatigue, a headache. . . it has nothing to do with Lymes, or maybe it does. I just look at it as my body needing a bit more love, rest and nourishment. More green juice, an extra couple of hours of sleep, a good dance, extra cuddles, a long bath, a nourishing plant based meal, time with loved ones, journaling, deep breathing, meditation . . . essentially anything that will feed my body and mind on another level. I said goodbye to antibiotics shortly after I started them upon being diagnosed. I knew / and know it is not and will never be the way. Whenever the body is symptomatic it simply means there is systemic inflammation going on, this relates to any disease. Everything from cancer to autoimmune, to everyday colds, flus, aches and pains. It ALL stems from inflammation. And how to curb inflammation : simply Get as alkaline as possible.

At the end of the day, I guess what I'm trying to say is that. I'm proud of my body for doing what it is meant to do - HEAL. We are all meant to be healthy and happy, and in many ways I see it as a choice. I did everything and still do everything in my power to heal, as I believe we are constantly healing, changing and growing.

NOW looking ahead to 2 0 1 5. I have dreams, goals, 'resolutions' like the rest of you, some big, some small (i.e more speaking engagements/workshops --> no gum, even natural stuff. I hardly EVER chew it, but I would sometimes, and dislike it, and was doing so unmindfully. So no more!). BUT they aren't just for the year ahead, or the next 5, 10 years. They are for right now. For everyday. I'm not going to list them right here and now, as the thoughts below lay the foundation for everything.

Finding yourself and making peace with who YOU are is the way to feel most confident. You just start to know yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses, and confidence comes from being comfortable with that. I am not perfect, and neither are you. When we accept this, life gets a WHOLE lot easier.

A few of my thoughts for the hours, days, months, years ahead / / You are going to be bright 2 0 1 5 and full of magic.


The power of forgiveness is very important. We’re all humans and we all make mistakes— even little things like looking at someone the wrong way, or snapping at someone. We are only h u m a n , and again NOT perfect. But forgiving yourself and asking for forgiveness from the person creates an energy shift. It’s another thing I pray for —‘Please forgive me if I have said anything to anyone that has hurt someone. Please allow them to forgive me and allow me to forgive myself.’ Even those that we find challenging to be around are sometimes the people that need the prayers/thoughts the most. If you’ve had an intense conversation with someone, a good thing to do would be to say to them, ‘I forgive you, and please forgive me.’ We all say things sometimes to hurt people, so it’s important to forgive and have peace with others and forgive and be at peace with yourself.


People don’t even realize the P O W E R the mind has over the body in the way you perceive things. Change your thoughts, change your reality. Words are powerful—every thought and every word we think has an effect on the body. So you can be like, ‘Ugh, I can’t believe it’s raining outside,’ or you can be like, ‘We really needed that rain, it’s going to be so much clearer and brighter tomorrow.’ It’s not about being delusional, but just changing your perspective and understanding that there is a positive and a negative to every situation. HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Everything you put into your body creates WHO you are. Every cell is composed off the foods/drinks you choose to consume. Again, I'm not a purist, and never claim to be. Life is about balance, and although I choose to eat Organic - Whenever and wherever I can, and will not consume junk or processed food, I do still use some non-natural beauty products (mascara) and eat some non-organic foods (hello $4 organic cucumbers, which I can't afford right now!) I will known I've made it when I can buy them! ha. Simply, you are what you eat, and there are certain things I will not budge on ( canned, processed, HFCS laden food) or GMO injected foods. BUT yes I will enjoy glasses of champagne, will eat yummy home baked goods and dance until 2am. Because life also must include F U N for one to be healthy and happy in body, mind and spirit. Maybe my 'fun' will be different from someone else's, but it works for me!


David Hawkins was a philosopher that developed a map of the levels of human consciousness called the Scale of Consciousness. At the bottom he has ‘guilt,’ which has a vibration of around 30, meaning it’s the worst kind of feeling. Apathy, grief, fear, and even desire, anger, and pride are below the level of integrity. Above that—and this is where people become better versions of themselves— you’ve got courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, which is at 500, joy, and then peace and enlightenment. In his book, Power vs. Force, (which I've read parts of! When I borrowed it from a friend!) he talks about disease, which is dis-ease — not being comfortable — and happens in the lower states of mind. Being human you can’t escape these emotions, but what he says is when you feel anger or guilt or fear or whatnot, let yourself ride that emotion, not dwell in it. Ride it, feel it out, and then choose something else— because you have a choice.


You don’t have to be 100% strict with yourself. It’s about balance, being kind to yourself, and knowing what works, but not feeling like you have to do everything. For me, it's 90% health-conscious and 10% indulgence. I try to avoid saying 'always' and 'never,' because we're human beings, and it's not always possible. But to be educated and aware of what you’re doing before you do it, is the key to happiness.

I will leave you with these 2 things (before I lose you! This post is all over the place!!!)

My mantra for the New Year

‘Please illuminate me. Please open my heart chakra. Open my aperture and uplift my consciousness so that I can be the best version of myself.’

& my forever favorite song.

stay healthy, happy and nourished. All goodness comes from within, and FOREVER shine your light. Only you have that special something that everyone needs. SPREAD LOVE.

love & light