Slife-003 What is at the base of your PYRAMID?

I came across this pyramid from one of my ALL time favorite sites / inspirations SAKARALIFE (I would LOVE to deliver health + beauty as these ladies do!) and had to post as it resonated with me d e e p l y.

LIFE isn't about carbs, proteins, fats, sugars (well yes F O O D is deeply important), but HOW is life nourishing you from your environment, relationships, spirituality (religious or non) . . . ?

For me LOVE , Mind / Body / Spirit , Healthy Food, Inspiring Others, creating + cultivating the most nourishing and loving home that I humanly can, Loving my partner with the most purest and unconditional form of love, creativity, treating Mother Nature with the outmost of care, being true and genuine, living with compassion for all humans, animals + beings, sex (it is primal + necessary ) passion, love and intimacy are a HUGE gauge for health and happiness - it is innate, meditation, a curious mind, being a student forever - cultivating a thirst for endless knowledge and being OPEN to this journey called LIFE.

These last few weeks of December are the P E R F E C T time to mediate, reflect, journal, cultivate, plan, nourish and DREAM BIG! What do you want in your life? Who do you want in it? How will you inspire others? How will you create change? How are your nourishing your body / mind / spirit and relationships?

I know 2015 is going to be full of health, abundance and L O V E. Whatever comes my way, will be injected with pure love.

What are you excited for, for 2015?

love & light