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Happy Friday Y'all!

I hope everyone has been having an a m a z i n g week. Mine sure has been. Full of // LOTS of love, sweating, reading, relaxing, cuddling, sleeping, ballet beautiful-ing, cooking, nourishing, green juice drinking, working kind of week! I've also been doing lots of thinking & reflecting. . .

These next two months will bring LOTS of transition my way professionally, and I'm SO ready for it. When it comes down to it I constantly question - WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? (are you with me?) And after much 'ranting':) and reflection it comes down to a simple answer - I want to HELP as many people as I can through my gifts, and make // help people live healthier & happier lives. I truly, truly, truly believe that everyone can have the health & life that they want. We've just become numb to our surroundings, our society and essentially OURSELVES & our bodies. I believe alternative medicine can heal cancer, I believe a green juice a day can make you a healthier being, I believe your thoughts create your reality & Your mind is SOOOOO powerful, I believe you can manifest the life you want . . . and I could go on and on. . .

With that being said a note on my E-BOOK - It's COMING!!!!!!!!!! I just don't know the exact date.

I found myself putting TOO much pressure on myself. I have to have it done by Jan.1st , Jan.31st, etc . . . And found resistance when I would sit down to write. I want it to come fluidly, organically and straight from my heart. I envision a late Spring release, as the flowers start to bloom & we start to feel the warm spring / soon to be summer sun on our vitamin D depleted skin. I want to kick start your BODY, MIND & SOUL into this new season and help you feel your MOST optimal + glowiest self. EVER. I'm also working on a 6 session course that can be done a n y w h e r e in the world with me essentially it's called DREAM LIFE, as I want to help you get IT.

Long story short, I want to HELP you, because we ALL need help, including myself. I'm no differant than you. I'm constantly learning, growing & thinking of new ways on how to make my body, mind & spirit more in tune & balanced. Everyday is a NEW DAY and is full of life and possibilities. I want you to touch the beauty of LIFE, and put your health first. If we don't have health, ultimately what. do. we. have?

Happy Weekend Beauties!

love & light