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Hi Beauties!

These past few months have been quite revealing . . . LOTS of change, decisions, following my purpose, taking risks and truly aligning with my ultimate core values + goals + purpose. If I'm being completely honest it's been A LOT. My health definitely took a small 'dip', with a few recurring symptoms that I haven't felt for awhile. I truly believe they were a physical manifestation of what was going on in my mind / life. I never want to paint the picture on here that e v e r y t h i n g is perfect all the time, because it's not. I'm only human and I go through ups and downs, and I knew going into the healing journey that I would have valleys, just like everyone else. I don't believe I have painted this picture (I sure hope not!!!) as I don't believe in perfection. I believe in striving to be the b e s t human being you possibly can, and vibrating love and good vibzzzzz in everything I do. Although that is how I live my life, LIFE happens. I'm met with some roadblocks, and through it all it's a learning experience, and sometimes it's just not easy.

I want to be open and honest with you and share a little bit of what has been going on! It's all been a huge learning experience, and has brought a lot of new thoughts / feelings to the surface which is GOOD. We need these situations / moments / experiences to GROW in ourselves and relationships.

- my natural thyroid medication ran out which I had been on since my diagnosis. When I got diagnosed my thyroid completely stopped working which pushed my body + thyroid into hypothyroidism. When I ran out of my desiccated thyroid over a month ago I got a bit anxious, and couldn't admit this to myself or my loved ones. I had to process it in my mind first. My body was talking to me (symptoms) but I wasn't listening to it right away. My refills were up, and seeing a functional med practitioner was $$$ here in Toronto, AND I thought my body was 1000% ok without it... when in reality it wasn't / isn't and that is OK (which I had to accept and learn). I'm not using it as a crutch, and it's not a weakness, my body simply needs a bit more time, support and that IS IT. I just think about it as extra love for my thyroid gland which is a beautiful thing! So in the end all is good, I'm back on, and feeling goooood (not that things got bad, I just knew my body wasn't ready).

- doubting my abilities in this website / and creating a e-book, book, sharing my story, business. This sacred space is just that sacred. Every word I write comes from my true heart and soul. It's mission is to help heal, inspire, spread love, health, happiness and that is ALL. I've NEVER seen this as anything more than a hobby, space to TRULY share my love and passion. But I know that I can make this a part of my life's purpose, while sustaining myself - in all areas of life. To me success equals happiness. So why can't I do what makes me happy and live authentically and genuinely? I see / look at other people and envy their success through books / online packages / products / juice lines / lifestyle blogs . . . and I doubt my story and ability. FEAR. Self created fear really . . .

- I Booked a trip to NYC in April spontaneously for 4 DAYS! NYC left a huge imprint on my heart + life. It's where I was my 'sickest' and felt the most alone I've ever felt in my life, in one of the biggest cities in the world. It was a dark time, mixed with lots of learning, growth, experiences and opportunities. I met lifelong friends there, who I believe helped me along with healing journey, guardian angels, if you say. BUT this trip, this trip will be different. It's going to be SPRING in NYC. The trees will be budding, central park will be green, flowers will be lining the thick, cemented side walks, and the air will be somewhat 'fresh' and crisp. I will visit my favorite juice shops, vegan restaurants, cafes, friends, parks, neighborhoods, streets, Ballet Beautiful studio (!), and a few other special places. I haven't been back since I left . . . I feel like it's going to be good for my body / mind + soul.

- Career changes / directions / decisions . . . LOTS is in the air, but I feel at peace and a sense of calm is over me. I could be panicked but I trust in the Universe, direction. What you put energy into, you will manifest. I will spend this weekend meditating / resting / journaling / reading + setting affirmations / goals. NOW IS THE TIME!

- I'm committing + setting a GOAL + Due Date for my E-book. I'm giving myself too much freedom as i don't want to put TOO much pressure on myself, but if I don't have a end goal / date - is it even real? It won't come out till 2018 if that is the case! I have so much to share + want to reach more people through sharing my love + passions.

- FASTING. It has been a whole month of fasting once a week, and I LOVE IT. It's now a staple in my life. It gives my body + mind a break. It creates clarity, and gives my body a HUGE break from digesting. As cheesy as this sounds I can feel my body / cells resting during these 24 hours. Energy is going into healing, repairing + rejuvenating my cells + organs. (Again this might not be right for you!) I simply want to share my journey + experiences. Number one thing is to listen to your bod, it will tell you if it's right. We are all unique + created beautifully, listen to you inner guide.

- Don't beat yourself down, for any reason. ANYTHING that has come before this moment was apart of your journey + path. Don't be shamed, guilt ridden or fearful. It's VERY easy to shame ourselves, release this . . . I've learned to LET GO.

- Manifest. Put out into the world / energetic field what you want in life. I can sometimes think to myself - am I too optimistic ? Too happy ? Too full of loud laughs + energy ? Do people really think I have rainbows shooting out of my butt (YES, someone has told me that before!). . . I just believe in greatness + being authentically happy and full of joy. After experiencing many, many years of lows and health struggles, my appreciation of LIFE is beyond words. I love every second and am appreciative of every second.

-LOVE deep. Again I sometimes feel like I love too much. BUT nope. Too bad for those people in my life! hehe. I will never stop showing + expressing it. Love is life. Why hold back? Life is precious, people are precious, don't hold back!

Just sharing a sneek peek into these last few weeks / months! I want to be open + honest here! SO expect MORE from me, of me, and n e w goals being achieved.

Is there ANYTHING you would like to see? Honestly hearing from you guys makes my day!!!!!!!!!!

Have a beautiful rest of your week.

love & light