6f4f769aa9eeef708141772fbb4c99ac With winter coming up I want to give you some all-natural tips on how to stay UBER healthy + not get the 'winter flu' which everyone thinks is inevitable, which I don't believe is true. When you take care of yourself 365 days a year, your immune system will be so strong you won't be susceptible to those crazy little bugs. BUT SOMETIMES they do sneak in as we all lead busy lives & sometimes aren't getting the rest + nutrient dense foods we normally do.

If you are feeling under the weather here are some of my top tips to get you feeling fit, healthy, full of energy + HOW to get your glow back:

LEMON WATER - Upon waking drink freshly squeezed lemon (busting with Vitamin C) and warm water before you eat anything. This will boost your metabolism, detoxify your system, aids in digestion and gets your day started on the BEST note possible. For an extra dose of immune fighting goodness grate fresh ginger into your cup!

GREEN JUICE - Drink a freshly pressed raw. vegan. organic juice straight after your lemon water. I always describe my green juices like a vitamin bag IV and it's the truth, nothing will make your feel more alive and get your body back into balance.

HOT EPSOM SALT BATH - This is something that I do at least 4-5 nights a week. The salts contain magnesium that is not only detoxifying but also has a calming effect, helping you get a good night's sleep and easing achey muscles. Add at least one cup to your bath, and bliss out.

OMEGA 3's - UP these babies pronto. Both cold and muscular problems will provoke an inflammatory reaction in the body, which leave you feeling tired, achey and just plain awful. Omega 3 oils found in oily fish, flax, hemp seeds have potent anti-inflammatory properties, and although I have these daily in my diet, if I'm ever feeling more run down than normal I take things up a notch. IF you do find it hard to get Omega 3's in your diet regularly than I suggest a good/high quality supplement.

AVOID THE JUNK -While it can be super tempting to fill up on high energy sugars and caffeine based drinks, it's SO important to try and limit these OR ideally cut them out as your body is already working VERY hard to try and recover from a certain bug. These are seen as toxins by the body which ultimately forces the body to divert some of its energy into dealing with the chemicals in these foods. INSTEAD I recommend: LOTS of fruits + vegetables, green smoothes + juices, raw salads, lean plant based or sustainable/hormone free lean animal proteins, some complex carbs such as quinoa + sweet potato which will give your body the energy + support your body needs as it heals!

* you can also add a zinc supplement to your diet (over 70% of us are deficient in this precious vitamin and it's necessary for most HEALING processes (most notable our skin) + a GOOD probiotic which I also think is something everyone should take.

OH and ABOVE ALL ELSE - SLEEEEEEEEEP! Get enough rest. In my book this is the bodies number one healer. Catch your zzzzzzz's no matter what. Know when to say NO, and allow yourself some time to relax, unwind and take your epsom salt bath.


love & light

x Lisa