So many blessings and little things that make me happy + excited. I'm a simple gal that wants to live a life of passion, love, giving, helping and spreading only love and joy in my path....I have a full heart and simply want to make others happy and for them to see their true. beauty.


Wanted to share.

// MY HAPPY 100//

-nights with girlfriends when i laugh so hard my tummy hurts


-road trips

-talking to strangers

-thinking about everything my parents have done for me (bless my beautiful angel up in heaven)

-organic veggies straight from the garden

-a giant farm apple

-sleeping in when the rain melts upon the window....

-a simple hug

-the relief you feel after a really good cry

-yogi tea + the quotes

-nurturing other human beings - I always see everyone as equal


-himalayan sea salt baths w/ lavender & candles

-the smell of wet pavement from a heavy first rain

-being stuck in a rainstorm with the one you love and not caring that you're drenched to the bone


-greens - you name any leafy green and I love it

-running through sprinklers

-dancing for no reason at all

-spending hours at small coffee shops with good books

-acoustic guitar

-black lingerie - obsessed. I've built up quite the collection

-a giant wooden vintage table

-walking barefoot in fresh cut grass

-people watching at the airport

-sweet, stolen kisses...oh how I dream of this.



-low key / hole in the wall restaurants with fresh organic food - farm to table ( i greatly dislike fine dining & I hate the word hate …)

- hot yoga

-charities / giving of myself, money, my ears to listen to someone who needs it


-children's smiles/ voices/ laughter

-making new friends

-basketball - I can't wait to go to my first live game!

-laughing loudly

-smiles // smiling// the sound of a smile over the phone (it can be heard and it makes me smile even more...)

-camping in the rocky mountains + hot springs are an added bonus

-music music and even more music. My soul is brought to life through words and melodies

-fresh white bedding

-converse shoes


-tea of all varieties - favorites - green, roobois, Kava

-big white coffee mugs

-sitting by a campfire, in the middle of nowhere, under the stars - w/ or w/out someone

-hidden islands

-green juices & smoothies


-walking w/ no destination


-essential oils

-art history

-taking the train

-peonies + pink roses

-flannel shirts

-candles...the only light you need

-sentimental/vintage jewelry


-my dorky eye-glasses

-vintage photographs of my family

-endless dates...

-a home that’s filled with family photos, vintage finds, an old fireplace, giant kitchen, love

-the new york times, TIME , Fast Company

-first bloom of spring flowers

-traveling to an unknown destination

-cheering someone up by just listening to their day and smiling

-EVERYTHING 80'S from music to movies

-big/giant dogs

-surfing // running // biking // hiking // walking // boxing moving my legs and using my body in the most loving, yet gentle way BUT still pushing it as I know what it can achieve

-not working by the set definition, but living your passion- that will be my job.

-unexpected visits//phone calls// letters//texts//moments

-Ben Howard

-snow angels

-leather jackets


-small//old towns + the people in them

-baking/cooking for others - healthy organic vegan, raw, vegetarian food infused with LOVE

-fresh set of pens, markers + a new moleskin

-following a recipe from beginning to end... and of course the result

-5 am sunrises

-the piano

-hand holding (i'm old school)


-witnessing family + friends successes

-lemon water

-helping someone out when they least expect it

-giving my heart away when the time is right...after 4 years its finally opening.

-making a difference, in big and small ways

-slow dancing (again, old school)

-mens vintage watches

-memories of summer camp

-vancouver + victoria BC

-coconut oil

-homemade veggie pizza

-midnight lake swimming w/ the moon as your spotlight

-seinfeld + friends + sex & the city reruns

-chunky knits + socks// by a fire// in a wooden cabin // with tea + cuddling

-knowing i can't wink/ whistle/ roll my tongue / raise an eyebrow ... makes me laugh. i'm a dummy!

-of course... family + friends. without them i would not be me and i am truly thankful for them every moment of the day.


hope everyone has a gorgeous start to your week.

I could definitely list 100 more but these are what popped into my mind on this beautiful start to this week.

love & light

x Lisa