SONY DSC “I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Books / Reading.

These are definitely two of my passions, and I couldn't be more sorry for this. I can devour books just like that, and usually have a amazon order coming once a shame, no shame!

I've always been extremely studious and nerd-like, and enjoyed school immensely. Which is probably why I went on to study Social Work, Fashion Marketing, and am now studying to be a Holistic Health Nutritionist. I can't stop learning and just love soaking up everything around me. I definitely consider myself a sponge, and a true introvert. Although I love, love, love people and spending time with loved ones, friends, new loving people, I tend to soak up people's emotions - if they are sad or hurting, I truly feel it, so after being with a lot of people I tend to get exhausted and need time alone to regenerate...

Enter books and reading, my loves. I find such peace, solitude and comfort in reading. Learning, getting into other people's heads, applying the knowledge I learn. I can't get enough.

Suffice to say, I'm a book head and super proud of it!

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Here are a few of my all time favorite books and a couple of news ones I just got (Nick Ortner 'The Tapping Solution' - if you haven't heard about Tapping I urge you to google it. Once I read it I will definitely be posting about it... and 'The Complete Works'). The other's David Wolfe's 'Eating For Beauty' and Gabriel Cousens 'Conscious Eating', Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life', Frederic Patenaude's 'The Raw Secrets' are complete staples, actually who am I kidding these are all my favorites. I just can't pick ones that are better than the rest. These are just a SMALL selection of my collection and will continue to share what I am reading at the moment.


What about you guys? What are your favorite books and what are you reading now? Would LOVE to know!

Happy Reading Loves