PicMonkey Collage “Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” ― Akira Kurosawa

SLEEP is imperative for every single function in your body. It regulates hormones (which are the key to almost everything), regenerates skin, cells, cleanses blood, restores + builds your organs, heals, rejuvenates, etc, etc . . . the list could go on, and on, as I believe it's one of life's greatest healers.

Although I fear many of us are not getting enough, and our society is known for saying 'Oh I only need 5-6 hours a night'...while internally your body is screaming for more. Sickness, fatigue, constant pain, inflammation, feeling 'tired', headaches, food cravings, overconsumption of coffee . . . all signs of lack of sleep.

And to achieve any sort of 'glow' s l e e p will be your number one best friend.

I'm a HUGE lover of sleep and aim for 8 or more hours a night. This is how I get it done.

My Optimal Sleep Habits //

-Calming Tea 1-2 hours before bed (My favorite is YOGI Kava or Calming)

-No technology 1 hour before bed

-Low lights

-Don't drink too much water before bed, or you will be up all night going to the bathroom (I'm guilty of this!)

-Himalayan salt lamp to switch of all of the blue/white light exposure we are bombarded with during the day

-Relaxing music

-Bath with magnesium flakes and lavender essential oil

-Lavender oil in a diffuser

-Physical touch + massage

-Most optimal + imperative time to be asleep 10pm-2am - this is when your body does the most healing. When 2am hits your body starts producing cortisol which is essentially starting to get your body ready for the waking hours

-READ - N O T V!!!

-Write down a gratitude list // Journal

-Prepare for the next day - meal prep, laying our what you need, write of list of everything you have to do

-Talk with loved ones. Say no to texting, instagramming, FBing, any technology crazes in the evening. It is a time to love, connect, communicate, share + dream. The person on the other side of the device will understand, and if you are always 'on call' they will have expectations of response. Let it go . . . just BE. They will be there tomorrow.

How are you catching your zzzzzzzz's and how many hours do you sleep a night?