Meditation it seems is a word that has been tossed around quite a bit as of late, a buzz word if you want to call it! Although it has been around for thousands of thousands of years, our society is now reaching for a multitude of ways to c a l m their mind, body and spirit. With the technological era taking over many aspects of our lives, WE, as a collective are finding it difficult to just TURN OFF! TV's are constantly on, even though you're not watching, your phone is an extension of your hand (when did this happen?), Apple watches are being put onto peoples wrist so it actually IS now attached to your body, and the computer glow is constantly g l o w i n g, all the while sucking YOUR glow out of you. Suffice to say, it has taken over our lives. NOW, not to say technology is bad, I simply believe that we must find ways to switch off.

Enter in meditation.

Now this can mean a hundred different things for people, and it's so beautiful & unique to the individual that there is no wrong way! Sometimes simply sitting for 5 minutes, with your eyes closed is enough for people. There is also moving meditation (I like to meditate while doing Ballet Beautiful!), I like to meditate while walking, I also like to do it while I'm in the bath. You don't have to be sitting on a meditation pillow in complete silence to do it, although it is VERY, VERY peaceful when done this way. Learning to quiet the mind when thoughts arise, and gently let them go is the key... it does not mean completing being in silence. I hear many people say I can't stop my brain or thoughts, and that is OK! It is normal. Our brain thinks 60,000 thoughts a DAY, that is 2500 thoughts an hour. What you will want to do is release the thoughts that come up. . . simply let them float away on a big fluffy cloud.

Below are a few steps to start the process for you . . . Remember there is no right or wrong way. These are to simply guide you, and get you started.

1. Get settled - find a quiet or not so quiet place where you can relax

2. Breathe deeply - take five deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. On the last exhalation, close your eyes

3. Check in - settle in to your body, taking note of your posture and how your body feels, and any emotion you might be experiencing.

4. Scan your body - turn your mind inwards and take note of your body from head to toe, acknowledging any tension or discomfort and then scan again noticing parts of your body that start to relax. Then turn your body to your thoughts, notice what comes up without trying to alter them.

5. Bring your attention to your breathing and start to count your breaths. One, in, two, out and so on, up to 10. If you notice your mind wandering just gently bring your mind back to the counting.

6. After a few minutes, give yourself a minute or so for your mind to be completely free.

7. Open your eyes, and appreciate the feeling that getting a little headspace can produce.

That is ALL. Of course if you want to delve deeper into a practice, or already have a practice, than look on refining, trying something different, and simply taking it step by step. The goal is ALL of this is to switch off & simply BE. No need to add any stress over 'doing it right' or doing it all the time.

Once you start though, and you SEE the benefits, you will want to incorporate it into your everyday life!

I know this is a cheesy quote, but it remains true for every part of my life. Every journey begins with ONE step...

It's a l o n g weekend here in Canada, so we're soaking in the kick-off to Summer Weekend!

love & light