Everyone who knows me in real life knows that I'm not only a organic health nut, but an advocate for using ALL natural beauty products + ingredients on my face & body. I slather on coconut oil at least 2-3 times a day. I use manuka honey/ tumeric/ lemon juice to nourish my skin and when I wear make-up RMS is the ONLY stuff I will put on my face. It's. the best. in. the. world. (sidenote- SUPER excited about their mascara! I dislike make-up in general but RMS is on another level).

MY MOTTO: If you can't eat 'em, don't put it anywhere near your body. Your skin is an organ- your largest organ in fact and it's constantly working to keep your insides safe. Anything that isn't organic, natural and edible means it will cause inflammation in your body (aka those aging free-radicals ---> aka wrinkles). And for me, inflammation is my nemesis and I do everything I can, every. single. day to minimize it.

Our scientist friends that deem most cosmetics safe are not out to hurt you, BUT what they consider "safe" is not what I consider safe... Meaning, I consider even small amounts of carcinogenic substances, petroleum derivatives, endocrine disruptors and synthetic materials NOT safe. I'm extremely lucky to have the choice to choose these natural beauties, but I feel like we all do. For me my health is # 1 and that means forgoing other things, so when I choose to spend my $ you better believe it will be green, organic, natural.

*** NEVER forget that what you do on the inside is 1000 times more important than what you put on the outside, but we sometimes do need a little extra help. SO when you do, reach for N A T U R E. It never lies or disappoints (unlike countless magazine ads + articles). Nature is a miracle worker in every way possible. Trust it.

PART 2 - I will share some of my ALL.TIME. favorite products + DIY's.

love & light

- xo Lisa