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You are what you eat. What would YOU like to be?

Hi Beautiful Souls

I hope wherever you are, you are filled with love and sunshine from the inside out.

Starting today I will be embarking on a Raw Food Week! To be honest almost all of my days are raw apart from some steamed veggies, boiled sweet potatoes & beets, BUT a few friends are wanting to clear themselves of winters nasties (aka weight gain, fogginess, heavy foods, fatigue, dullness, holiday + comfort foods etc...) Lets just say it's been a looooong winter. So I've joined them for full love and support, as I believe journeys embarked upon together are greater than riding solo.

That being said I would LOVE to extend the challenge out to YOU beauties. ALL it means is eating an ABUNDANCE of//

* raw vegetables * raw fruits * nuts * seeds * sprouts * plethora of greens * luscious avocados * smoothies * juices * raw banana ice cream (yum!) * raw chocolate (small quantities) * copious amounts of lemon water + herbal + green tea

People often question what I do & can eat --- and I say an abundance of LIFE!!! The high vibration of raw, organic vegetables and fruit is unreal. A week of this and you will embody THE GLOW.

When you eat R E A L F O O D you don't have to worry about calories.

I also fully understand that this doesn't work for everyone. We all have our own predispositions, genetics, blood types & doshas. Therefore we have to practice bio-indivuduality - what works for someone could be someone else's poison. That being said, no on was ever harmed from adding in an abundance of raw fruits + veg into their diet.

So this week I challenge you to UP your raw foods. Feel the vibration & g l o w of these miracles of life.

We often overlook exactly what we are putting into our bodies - but when you really think about it - you are 100% what you eat. What you choose to nourish your body with makes up your cells, tissues, organs, and blood. You can't escape that fact.

Mondays are perfect to start anew. This week is full of ENDLESS possibilities - YOU just have to make the choice to step outside your comfort zone, try something new and realize how amazing and beautiful you are.

love & light

- xo Lisa