photo I know everyone loves a good taco - but a raw taco? Well I think it's time you give it a whirl.

It's sooooo simple, and utterly delicious.

No need for ground anything, a spicy seed pate will give you the texture and kick you need.

I got this scrumptious seed pate recipe from a dear friend, and I can't stop eating it. You can put it on salads, baked sweet potatoes, or as a veggie dip. Love.

I don't know exact measurements as I simply eye-balled it, but here is some rough guidelines


- 3 cups of raw sunflower seeds soaked for a good 4 hours, or even overnight - Big handful of sundrided tomatoes - I used raw/dried (no oil) so simply re-hydrated them in water for a few minutes (save the water!) - TBSP of mexican spice (I got it at Earth General Store here in YEG) it is spicy so add less if you're not keen on a kick (I personally love it) -tsp of Paprika

Place all of this in a Food Processor and process ! This is where the liquid from the sundried T. comes in handy. Poor into the FP spout as you are processing as this will loosen everything up. You will have to stop a few times and just get a spatula and mix it around a bit.

*if it is a bit too spicy, add some fresh lemon juice

Voila the most delicious spread!

photo copy

As you can see here I served it in fresh, organic lettuce that my dad just brought back from the farm (so blessed!). Butter lettuce makes an excellent wrap as well.

-I thinly sliced avocado and put that on top the pate (adds creaminess and coolness) -I then added sundried, raw olives (new obsession, I don't like normal olives, but these are divine) a bit bitter so it complements the spiciness -Chopped a bunch of cilantro -A sprinkle of sea salt to add the final touch

Roll up and you have an amazing lunch/dinner!

It makes the perfect summer evening meal... I made these listening to some soothing tunes, dancing around in my robe and relishing in the feeling of being SO, SO lucky to have access to fresh, organic and nourishing food. I never take this for granted. I am grateful, and know so many people don't even have access to food. Give thanks, and know what this food is doing to you from the inside out.

Would love to hear if you try this out!

love & light,

xo Lisa