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my simple loves today: tea, a good book, sun, a hug, flowers, being close to the water, baths, candle lit yoga before bed, nature, and living a truly authentic life of no judgement to anyone or anything.

What you seek is seeking you - Rumi

"Appreciate what you've got, even the really small things. For me, those small things are often domestic… Everyday happiness, as opposed to one-off great bursts of pure ecstasy, is intricately tied in with everyday events: the jaunty-looking teapot that pours without dribbling, the children's bathtime, blossom in spring, an especially good book. These things aren't sexy, or glamorous, or envy-making, but they are the fabric of all our days. Concentrating on them, and on all the small joys they provide, can be intensely fulfilling. Moaning because you can’t afford a $500 pair of shoes is not."

India knights- the thrift book

love & light

xo Lisa