The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with YOURSELF.

I'm a HUGE believer + practicer of self-love. I find that most people mistake this for 'loving yourself' and bring ego into it. While it's actually quite the opposite. It has nothing to do with ego. Practicing self-love encompasses and is not limited to - nourishing your body, mind and soul, speaking positive affirmations to yourself, recognizing that you are a unique and beautiful human being - there is NO one like you, so why wouldn't you celebrate this and believe it with every cell of your being?

Food is often looked upon as the only 'nourishing' component in our lives, and yes, it nourishes our organs, cellular structure, blood, lymphatic system (if you are eating your greens that is ;) ). BUT nourishment + nurturing should envelop every thought, task and action that you perform on a daily, minute by minute basis. For example when I give someone a hug, I actually visualize and send positive vibes to them, and picture how it's nourishing not only their body (physical touch is very healing), but their soul, mind, and uplift their spirits if they are down. This brings me back to self love, because if you don't and can't love yourself FIRST, then you can't love others fully.

Back to self-care. What is it exactly? I believe it's now a buzzy term among the wellness community —but what’s the difference between that and just taking care of oneself? The way I see it, choosing clean products and healthy whole foods is great (and imperative) — BUT following health rules is not enough on its own to feel our best + glowy selves (in fact, sometimes being too strict has a negative impact on our health!). True self-care means creating dedicated time for rituals that you do absolutely and only for you. Read, and repeat. Only for you.

Most of us have a tendency to prioritize other people’s needs over our own. And we think we’re doing the world a big favour by being so generous. But if you don’t fill your own tank, you’re not as helpful as you might think. In truth, if your own energy is low you’re probably unconsciously pulling other people down. C’est le truth.

I learned this intensively and first hand during my healing journey...I had to nourish myself first and foremost.

So what are my 5 TOP rituals that allow me to take care of ME //

1)A MAGNESIUM SALT BATH WITH ESSENTIAL OILS - Having a bath is one of my favourite things to do! I light a candle, read a book and soak until I get all wrinkly.

2)READING - Reading is also one of my great pleasures. I adore books on Nutrition, Health, Biographies, Spirituality, Psychology, Development, but am open to reading almost anything, although it is very hard for me to dig into fiction.

3) SWEATING - Although I love working out with others, and do. There is something meditative about doing so alone. Silence or Music, sweat running down your body, knowing you are nourishing every.single.part of your body. I love to work out daily and most often do! Ballet Beautiful, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Resistance Training...

4)COOKING + JUICING - AH MY LIFE! Making and cooking nourishing, whole and organic food breathes warmth and love into my heart. I adore putting together simple, yet life-giving food. The production part of it, is for me (self-care and love), BUT sharing it BEATS it all. I feel so fortunate to be able to do this.

5) BEING IN NATURE + GOING FOR A WALK WITHOUT A DESTINATION - Words can't describe how healing these are for me.

Other things that didn't make the list that I still practice : journaling, writing, recipe creating, making all natural beauty masks + testing them out, going to a museum, going to a movie alone, smiling at strangers for no apparent reason, meditating, breathing exercises, watching the sun set, Wandering through a cafe, new town, art museum, antique store, farmers market, drinking tea and eating raw chocolate, affirmations, sending good vibes to loved ones, buying fresh flowers...

* small disclaimer - as much as I LOVE doing these on my own...which I feel is imperative for self-love + care I equally enjoy them with my love/loved ones.

What are your rituals? To glow from the outside we HAVE to nourish our own souls + hearts first.