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Have you ever been to Antarctica? I haven't, but I think I've come close living in central Canada. Today was -30 celsius with windchill...beautiful as it was full of sunshine and pearly white snow, but BONE chilling cold!!!

After not living here for 8 years, I knew this winter would be tough, but I don't think anyone can get used to these temperatures. I really try to just embrace it, as I will be moving out east later this year where winters aren't even close to this.

My mentality and coping mechanisms: no need to complain (I am SO thankful for everything in my life), acknowledge it, bundle up, be grateful for tea and central eating and go about my day and soak up the cold, fresh, crisp air (it is healthy for our lungs and body).

In any case, I was checking in on one of my favorite blogs today ---> <---- and saw these pictures. Heaven. The beach / sand / Stussy / Ray-bans. Songs of summer. Take me there.

Summer Dreamin' 2013. Who's ready for it? I feel like it is going to be a good one.

xx L